Sunday, July 1, 2012


Well I've been talking with my sister D over the past few days about initiative and taking action.  I'm really good at giving advise but not always the one to listen to my own words of wisdom!

Well today I took action.  I've been wanting to go visit my dear friend M who is recovering from a major surgery and is now spending time in rehab before returning home.  I've sent notes, but I really wanted to see her.  I've hesitated because I didn't want to overstep any boundaries.  I've been unsure if she would want to have additional company other than family and very close friends.  I think that for me there has also been a level of fear associated with my experiences when Dad was in rehab years ago.  Basically I had a bunch of my own baggage that I had to work through before I could push myself and do what I knew I wanted to and should do as a friend.  Well I'm pleased to say that I pushed past all the fear and negative self talk(oh her family will be there, she'll be too tired, she probably doesn't want to see me,  who am I to presume I should go and see her) and went for a visit today!

It was so good to see my friend M!  She is small but looks like she is healing!  What a process she has been through.  I think that she is incredibly brave and strong.  I don't think she sees herself in this light but I most certainly do!  She has handled the entire process of her illness, treatment, recovery and then subsequent surgery with such grace.  I'm not sure if I know another person quite as grace filled ...

We visited for two hours.  I hope that I did not tire her out.  I brought her some cards to write to friends and family.  I also brought a selection of beach stones.  I collect flat gray beach stones because I find them somehow spiritual and comforting.  I was hoping she would also enjoy them in this way.  She was quite pleased.  I hope they bring her hours of enjoyment.  We chatted about my life and her recovery.  In the end she walked me to the door.  It was good.


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Lydia said...

So glad you had a good visit with your friend, and you were so thoughtful to bring her some beach stones. I garb some off the beaches in MA every time we visit :-)

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