Sunday, July 8, 2012


I tend not to talk politics here on my blog.  I guess I just want Surfside Serenity to be....  serene.  Politics does not lend itself to serenity.  R has stated that if Romney gets into office that's it he wants to move to Canada.  (mind you he is only partly kidding here)  I must say that I am worried about the future of our country, particularly if Romney becomes president.  I think his business practices have been questionable at best over the years.  I also strongly believe that he does not care one iota about people in my situation... middle class Americans living paycheck to paycheck, working hard to make life better for their families.

I'm certainly not going to turn my blog into a political place but today I read two articles that I found over at Rainy Day Thoughts and was inspired to post about that experience.

I have always know that I would vote for Obama.  I think 4 years is just not enough time for any president to pull us out of the crisis that began during the previous 8 years.  No president is perfect.  I wish President Obama could have done more to create jobs and stabilize our economy.  He did however put in place a plan to bring our troops home, eliminate Bin Laden and get a health care bill passed.  These are huge accomplishments.  I also believe that Obama cares about the middle class and those who struggle in this country.  He wants the tax burden to be shared and not just placed on the shoulders who work the hardest and make the bare minimum.

My eyes were really opened when I read this Vanity Fair article.  It is lengthy but worth reading all the way through.  Reading about Romney's plans was also eye opening.  Perhaps any republican candidate would send chills up my spine.  I don't know.  I feel like the party picked Romney because they will have anyone as long as they can put them up against Obama.  It's the anything to get Obama out campaign.  How sad.

So throughout the rest of this race I will be commenting on occasion here about what is going on in the race and I will definitely be visiting Rain over at Rainy Day Thoughts on a daily basis to see what she has to say.  If you are interested in politics pop over and check it out.


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dsigns said...

I agree with your comments and I will check out the other blog you mentioned. Have a wonderful and peaceful day!

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