Saturday, February 10, 2007

Busy day

So I spent today doing errands. Skipped gymnastics due to a nasty cold and left the kids and hubby home to go off and get some things done for Dad. Did the banking and shopping. Then went to Dad's to put away groceries, clean up and cook up some meals to put in the freezer. Beef stew and pasta with meat sauce. I was out for several hours. Got home about 4:30.

We were supposed to have a quiet night at home but hubby got a call from his band mate and was called in to jam as a replacement band for a club on the south shore. So I've been blog surfing and watching a bit of t.v. Also got a lot done on my valentines for school. I'll finish them in the morning and then we will be off to visit Grammy in Chatham.

This week coming up should be busy. Conferences, valentines and then VACATION! Yeah!!!
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