Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

So things are busy.  The kids at school are all excited about the holidays.  Several families are going through crisis.  Everyone is on edge!  We are trying to get all the 'holiday' activities done in a matter of 7 days.  Yes I get an extra week off at Christmas.  I'm very lucky and will try to enjoy the extra time this year as I'm hoping to be in a different situation next year.

We have had another family come to look at 40 M.  We are still carrying the house without anyone renting.  R  thinks that this most recent family might be the one!  Please send positive thoughts this way as we really need to rent the house.

On a positive note...I'm booked up for subbing this Friday and next!  It's pretty exciting to be asked into someones classroom.  Next Friday I'll be working in N's 3rd grade teacher's class.  I'm sure it will be wonderful.

Oh also on a positive note....I'm taking three classes right now!!  Crazy huh?  Well they are all for graduate credit but they are relatively easy.  The first class is on Positive Discipline in the Elementary Classroom.  The second class is through Verizon's Thinkfinity (very cool)  and it is Thinkfinity and Social Networking for Educators.  The third class is also through Thinkfinity;  it is 21st Century Learning.  Both of the technology classes offer 1graduate credit each for $50.00 a piece.  This is a great bargain and I'll end up with more than 44 pdp's for my recertification!

So I guess busy might be an understatement.


Tuesday, November 29, 2011


So gratitude is the theme this week for Texture Tuesday.  There is so much to be grateful for.... even with the hardships life throws our way there is always room to be grateful.

I am most grateful for my family!


Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday, Monday...

Well usually today is a day off for me but not today.  I'll be subbing down at my old school.  Last time I stepped into this school I was carrying my 6 week old baby boy!  Wow thirteen years went by in the blink of an eye.  I'll be working in a 2nd grade class.  I'll check back in at the end of the day to share more about my day.  BTW my big toe is killing me from yesterday's fall.  I'll be taking some serious advil before leaving to school today.


Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Blues....

Well it's back to school for everyone tomorrow.  We are suffering from the Sunday blues!

I had fully intended to get pics from our beach of the clay deposit that n and I found yesterday but it was not to be.  Climbing down to the beach, I fell and bruised my (formerly broken) big toe on my left foot, the shin of my right leg and my pointer finger on my left hand.  I did however, save my expensive DSL camera!

Off to rest my bruised self.


Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beach Finds

Today was a beautiful day in our area.  The temperatures were very mild for this time of the year so we took advantage of the day and n, Flicka and I walked our beach for over an hour.  We walked north as we have done so many times before, but we went far beyond our typical stopping point.  Along our way we found several pieces of sea glass, some drift wood and a yellow tennis ball.   Flicka had a blast being off leash and had quite the work out as she chased the tennis ball.   Our goal was to get past the furthest point of the beach that we could see from our usual stopping place.  As we approached that final bend we noticed the severe degree of erosion on the cliff and then what appeared to be a poured uneven slab of cement on the beach.  Such a strange site.  We soon learned that there was no cement on the beach.  What we had noticed was actually a huge area of naturally occurring clay.   It was incredibly beautiful.  We spent a good deal of time investigating the area.  We found dark grey and red clay.  I wish I had my camera.  We even harvested some of the clay and brought it home for some experimentation.  The beauty of the natural world is truly awe inspiring.  If tomorrow we are blessed with good weather again we'll be taking the same walk and bringing my camera.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Friday Fill Ins we go!  So these are the same prompts from last week with some different answers.  Thought it could be fun.

1. As you can see I have found some new online distractions!  So much fun to be inspired.

2. I hope that we will have 'enough' soon!

3. I love to buy things for other people, especially during the holiday season.

4. Making thoughtful gift(s) is something I find relaxing.

5. What's up with crazy people spraying mace in Walmart???

6. Frosting on my fingertips after making a gingerbread house with n... what is better than that?

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to a glass of wine and shows with N, tomorrow my plans include finishing my online class  and Sunday, I want to find an open subbing position for Monday.


Thursday, November 24, 2011

New Blog Love

So I've become obsessed with a new web site.  It is a portal site that links you to many unique blogs.  It has several different versions.  The one I'm most in love with right now is called craftgawker.  Through this site I found The Vintage Lemon.  Cute blog with a great give away going on right now.  Go check her out.

I think I'll need to start another page on the blog dedicated to new inspirational artsy blogs.  Hmmm.  I'll get on that tomorrow.


Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful Thanksgiving day.


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook 47

Outside my window...the sun has set and the darkness is descending like a heavy wet blanket.     

I am thinking...that  there is not much better than being home with your family enjoying the scents of the holidays. 

I am thankful for...all the good things in my life... and the bad things that help me grow stronger and become the woman I am supposed to be.    

From the kitchen...lots going on out there!  Nanny's bread is baking and it smells soooo good.  I have prepared the stuffing, the butternut squash and the sweet potato casserole for tomorrows feast.  Tonight we'll have pizza. 

I am jeans, green sweater, purple scarf and black vest.  Toasty and cozy. 

What I'm creating:  I have started working on gifts for some friends and family.  I can't wait to finish them and move on to some different projects.  I have a new favorite web site called craftgawker where I am finding a lot of inspiration. 

I am enjoy this holiday and focus on the present moment.  No stress, no regret, no what ifs; just now with my lovely family. 

I am reading...magazines and articles on differentiated instruction and classroom positive behavior management.  I'm two sessions and a test away  from being finished with my DI class.  It has been very helpful.

I am hearing...R snoring on the couch and the drone of the TV.

Around the house...we're looking pretty good!  I'd like to get some artwork done this weekend.  

One of my favorite looking online for inspiration. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: Thanksgiving...watching the Macy's Day Parade,  helping the kids with homework and working on home made gifts for family and friends. 

Here are pictures I am sharing..


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Texture Tuesday Free and Easy

The good old days!  

I miss these days.  They seemed so difficult back then but as I look back I realize they were the best days of my life.  


Monday, November 21, 2011

NoMoBloPo Prompt

So I was going to write on the following prompt.  I even started as you can see below.

Has anything traumatic ever happened to you? Describe the scenes surrounding a particular event.

I think everyone is touched by trauma to one degree or another throughout their lives.  I have been touched by various types of trauma.  Childhood trauma, adolescent trauma and adult trauma have all made me who I am at this moment in time.  

But then I found myself thinking of the following quote:   

Once you have forgiven, don’t look back. Do not linger on the hurt, do not relive the offense, and do not reconsider the blame. Let it go. That is when you have truly reached a state of forgiveness and opened the door to happiness.~Lessons Learned in Life Thanks  

I don't want to relive the trauma in my life here on this page.  Heavens knows that I relive some of it on a regular basis.  I think I'd rather think about all that is good in my life.  How about 21 things I am thankful for instead of trauma?

Here goes:

  1. My health and the health of my family and friends.
  2. My best friend.... she knows who she is.... she has been with me through my darkest days and I through hers.  She is someone that I could say anything to and never worry that I would be judged.  I am so thankful for her.
  3. My children.  They drive me crazy sometimes but most of the times they ground me and make me smile.  They are my heart walking out there in this world.  
  4. My husband.  The man I have loved for 26 years!  We have been through the good the bad and the ugly and we remain together.  It is the hardest work I know... the work of maintaining a marriage... we are not always good at it but we persist.  I am thankful. 
  5. My home.  It is where I am most happy.  I am a 'homebody'.  My home is not grand or glamorous, but it is warm and welcoming.  
  6. Parents who raised me to the best of their abilities. They did the best with what they had and the examples that they grew up with.  They taught me the most important lessons... to be kind, treat others as you would like to be treated and if you don't have anything nice to say then say nothing at all. 
  7. My sisters.  These are women whom have always had a piece of my heart.  I have longed for the connection we now have and saw glimmers of this connection through the years.  Our ties are complicated but our love is true.  When one door closes another opens.  I am so happy that when the door opened they were there waiting.
  8. My brother.  If you read here at all you may find this odd. But I am thankful for my brother who once was...does that make sense.  The brother that I could call who would come and help.   This is the brother who I long for, who seems to be gone from this world. 
  9. My godmother.  F is the best godmother ever.  She has always been here for me.  I can't believe she is going to be 81!  I can't wait to spend time with her during the holidays this year.
  10. Flicka our new family member.  I never thought I would become so connected to a dog.  I have related to cats for so long that I didn't think a dog and I would work.  Boy was I wrong.  I love Flicka.  She has added a level of joy and excitement to our lives that could not come from any other creature.  
  11. Reconnecting with cousins.  As a child much time was spent with extended family.  As each of the matriarchs of the family passed these connections were stretched very thin, cousins lived their lives and moved on and not much time was spent together.  Over the last year I have had the opportunity to spend time with some of my cousins.  I hope this will continue and that the circle of connection will grow. 
  12. Stories.  Stories of the past that keep memories of loved ones alive. 
  13. Traditions.  Family traditions bring me back to the good memories I have from my childhood.  I want my children to have those good memories too.  They like traditions too.
  14. The ability to recreate myself.  I love to learn new things and try out new ideas.  
  15. Technology.  It is here to stay and while it can be a bit overwhelming at times, technology puts the world at my fingertips.  I love being able to connect with family and friends through FB and email. 
  16. Talent.  I am thankful that I have some talent.  I can bake, sew, fix toys and create art.  Having some talent is helpful and allows for creative outlets. 
  17. My dishwasher.  Silly yes but I remember being the dishwasher especially during holidays.  I much prefer to load and unload the dishwasher.
  18. My washing machine.  Can't imagine washing clothes by hand and hanging them out on the line(in the winter)
  19. My camera.  I love photography.  I don't do too much with my camera during the school year as I do so much documenting in school with my camera but I love taking pictures. 
  20. Quiet.  I appreciate the times when my house is quiet.  I used to always need noise... tv, cd, radio... now I crave the quiet, so when it is quiet I am thankful.
  21. The men and women who sacrifice so that we can share our thoughts openly.  

Ahhh it feels good to be thankful. 


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday

Played with the pup yesterday and took some fun action shots!

Aren't her shadows fun?


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Another Day

Ok so I just looked at the clock on my computer and it says 4:07!  How can it possibly be 4:07?  Today has flown by!  Up early (7am) I have enjoyed a lovely day.  I had a bit of nervous energy this morning but I used it to my advantage to get some organizing and cleaning completed.  After lunch n and I decided to do some art.  We cleaned off the table and looked through our supplies to see what we would enjoy working on today.  n used the oil pastels and I went through some old letters before turning my attention to my own art project.  It was hard to make a decision.  Finally I decided to work on an art project for Christmas gifts.  I'd tell you what I'm working on but I wouldn't want to ruin the surprise.  I'll post pictures another time.  I think this will be the year of the handmade gift.  Lack of cash has been bringing me down, but I'm trying to keep my chin up and remember the true meaning of the holiday season.

I hope you all are staying warm and cozy.  I think it's time to start using the fireplace again!  We'll have to dig out the logs and make it happen.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Fill Ins we go!

1. As you can see I have been trying to write here everyday!

2. I will be starting my substitute teaching very soon!

3. I love to buy my children what they like for Christmas.

4. Hand made, thoughtful gift(s) are my favorite.

5. What's up with the crazy Republican political scene?

6. They fly across the keys, my fingertips.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to sharing stories with my family about my first substitute teaching job, tomorrow my plans include hopefully showing the house to my friends Dad and Sunday, I want to pick up my plate from Claychick!


Thursday, November 17, 2011

A Long Day

Today was a very long day.  It started off shaky and just got worse from there!  N has been having foot troubles.  I took him to the doctor on Monday and even with rest, ice, Advil and an ace bandage wrap he is still in pain.  This morning he was in a lot of pain, it's not as bad now but still there.  We'll see how it feels tomorrow.  As I stepped out of my car at work today I got a call on my cell and it was n.  She took a tumble down the stairs.  She missed a step and tried to catch herself but couldn't.  She ended up banging up her knee and bruising her fingers!  Poor kid.

Moving on to school;  in a nutshell the day was awful.  We had a Mum stay to help.  I think she was surprised by the business of the class.  We have several busy children in our class and one child who is very angry.  It makes for a strenuous, emotionally draining day.  To top it off there was some sort of an accident in the parking lot at pick up.  It was very disconcerting.  The afternoon was not much better.  One child is an emotional mess.  She is very young and missing her Mum all afternoon.  It takes so much energy to distract and cajole an emotional child.

One positive note:  the dad of a friend of mine is interested in renting 40 M.  He is a widower and he is looking for a smaller home.  His current home is on the market and an offer is expected rather quickly.  I'm hoping that the stars will align and he will rent the house.  Please say a little prayer.  His late wife was friends with my mother in law.  I'm hoping that they are conspiring in heaven to allow this to move forward.


Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Are You Following?

So today is usually Wordless Wednesday, but I have not spent much leisure time behind the lens lately and I did not want to pick out old pics to share although I probably have thousands on my computer.  Instead I thought I'd ask those who visit here if they are following the news lately, specifically the Penn State scandal?   I did not want to follow but have been drawn in by the sheer arrogance of the Penn State football system as well as the intense coverage through our mainstream media.  I am amazed each evening as I hear more details.  I briefly looked at the documents online and quickly decided after reading just one page that I did not need to read any more.  I listened to the Bob Costas, Sandesky interview and was amazed by what this man shared.  There is no excuse for what he has done.  The fact that he thought it was OK to shower with kids is telling.  I know that in our country there is supposed to be a presumption of innocence but it is very difficult to go there in this case.  I think many people throughout this country are reliving their own painful stories as they watch this tragedy unfold.   My heart aches for the vulnerable kids who were taken advantage of by this man.  So sad.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Texture Tuesday - Phoebe

The faded blush of summer.  If we could only turn back the hands of time.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook 46

Outside my  bright and sunny.  The forecast is for an unseasonably warm day.    

I am thinking...that I hope N does not have to have x-rays on his foot.

I am thankful for...the opportunity for change and the support of  my family and friends.  

From the kitchen...well tonight I think we'll do rotisserie chicken with salad and apple pie for desert, tomorrow will be pizza pockets, pasta, and mixed meat sandwiches will probably be on tap for this week as well.  

I am pj's still!  Thankfully I don't have to be out of the house early so I'll shower and get dressed once n goes off to school. 

What I'm creating:  I continue to work on new understanding so that I can secure my future!  I have 4 class sessions to catch up on today!  I am  going to be finishing up the last 4 conferences for my morning class and shift focus to conferences for the afternoon class. 

I am get outside and take advantage of the beautiful weather.  I also plan on putting out positivity today in the hopes that the same will return to me in spades. 

I am reading...articles on science, differentiated instruction and classroom positive behavior management.  

I am hearing...theFlicka talking to her toys!

Around the house...we're looking pretty good!  I do want to get some things picked up and organized but I'm not sure I'll have time to get it all done today.  My to do list is getting longer as I type. 

One of my favorite spending time at home, just relaxing.  This does not happen often as there is always some task (or person) calling my name! 

A few plans for the rest of the week: N to the doctor today, R meeting with potential renters tomorrow(please let this work out!), school, and hopefully subbing on Friday.  

Here are pictures I am sharing..

I've always been fascinated by the flight of birds in the fall.  It's amazing to see them fly in a group.  I snapped these photos last fall.


Saturday, November 12, 2011


Why do I dream the same dream over and over again?
It is recreated in my subconscious mind.
Tweaked ever so slightly but always the same subject.
Why do you disturb my sleep?
Is it some part of me that still wrestles with how things turned out?
In my mind I know I did what had to be done.
In my heart I think there are questions.
In my subconscious there is self doubt.
The doubt partners with anger and confusion.
When these are all mixed together it is a recipe for disturbing images and language.
Images that wake me in the wee hours of the morning.
Images that haunt me.
Made up conversations that linger with me.
A lasting impression that remains throughout the day.
Why do I dream of you when you refuse to speak to me?
Perhaps it will only be in my dreams that we will meet.
So very sad after so many years.


Friday, November 11, 2011


NoBloMoPo prompt for day 11:   It's 11/11/11, make three wishes.

If I could have three wishes my first would be that my family had enough of all that we need.  I don't want more, just enough.  Enough to be comfortable and not to have to worry every time the children thought of something else they might like to learn, buy or do. 

Second I would wish for enough for all of my family.  When I say all I mean ALL.... sisters, brothers, cousins etc.... I would also include my bfls in this list as family.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could all have enough?

Finally I would wish for worldwide peace and harmony.  Perhaps this would be enough in itself.


Thursday, November 10, 2011

Secret Passion

NoBloMoPo Day 10 prompt:  What is your secret (or not-so-secret) passion? 

Ahhh  secret passions....

I have many passions none of which are secret. 

I am passionate about creating art.  Truly it can be any type of art.  A few mediums that I especially enjoy working with include; printmaking-specifically melted wax, gelatin and shaving cream printing, fiber arts-felting, knitting, soy silk fusing, photography and painting-acrylic, water color and mural.  

I am passionate about education.  I believe all children deserve the best possible education that we as adults can provide.  As an educator myself I also have strong feelings about the environment in which children should learn.  In order to learn children must feel safe.  It is a teacher's responsibility to provide his or her students with the opportunity to build a classroom community based on mutual trust and respect.  This trust and respect has to begin with the teacher.   When a classroom is based in these two things teachers do not need to resort to yelling or belittling children.   Teachers should NEVER yell at or belittle children.  Sarcasm should be saved for the teachers lounge or better yet avoided altogether.   Teachers should instill a love of learning in their students not a fear of failure.  

I am passionate about my family.  I love them with all my heart and I actually enjoy spending time with my children and husband.  (most of the time anyway;)

I am also passionate about justice.  I want people to do what is right.  It bothers me greatly when they do not.  I always want to know why.  Why do people do what they do when they know they should not?  It is hard for me to let these things go, to the point where I wake in the middle of the night thinking about various injustices.  

Well now you know just a bit about what brings out my passion.  What are you passionate about?


Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Is anyone else following the financial instability and changes that have been happening in Greece and now in Italy.  I guess I can't say that I have been following the situation, however I did see an extended piece on the financial situation in Greece.  It is frightening.  Unemployment in that country is in the double digits and some speculate that the current financial situation will roll back the standard of living to that of 30 to 40 years ago.  Certainly their economy is very different than the economy of the US.  It is much smaller and in some ways more complex.  Thinking about the situation in Greece has given me pause.  What if our economy continues to suffer and the standard of living in the US reverts back to that of years ago.  How would our country manage such a change?  How would my family manage such changes? It makes me nervous, very nervous.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Texture Tuesday - The 2 Edition

So today I began working on my texture Tuesday pic and at first I had no ideas.  Then I opened up my photos and this pic popped out at me.  Don't you just love the vintage feel of this picture after I added several layers of texture?  I used Kim's aurora for two layers as well as her KK layer.   I think it looks better if you click on it and view the image a bit larger.  I wonder what you think.  


Monday, November 7, 2011

Moving On

Well I'm movin on!  Making choices about what will be best for myself and my family.  Choices that will impact our future.  Choices.... It's all about the choices we make.  Right?  The following quote came to my inbox today:

"Most people are so busy knocking themselves out trying to do everything they think they should do, they never get around to do what they want to do."
– Kathleen Winsor

Nothing like getting a message from the universe.  Time to move on and make things happen.  I said the words out loud today to someone whom I hold dear.  Someone whom I respect.  Someone whose opinion of me means something.  Once I said it out loud it was like a cloud lifted.  I can breathe again.  Stay tuned my friends a change is coming!


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Shadow Shot Sunday

Well today is day 6 of NoBloMoPo.  So rather than just posting pics I thought I'd share some thoughts.

  • shadows are intriguing
  • shadows can be tricky to capture
  • shadows create depth
  • shadows are playful
  • shadows intrigue me and pique my curiosity
  • everyone has a shadow
  • shadows even make for good songs   Me And My Shadow


Saturday, November 5, 2011

Random Thoughts 5.  

What should I write about, that is the question.  

Well fall has definitely arrived in our area.  It is dark and cold.  It is also the time of year that I find myself thinking about my parents and missing them more than usual.  Yesterday was a very sentimental day.  Today has been a grumpy day.  I'm thinking that all of these feelings are interrelated.  Things are in a state of flux and that tends to add stress to everything.  Big changes are on the horizon and change scares me to pieces!  I wish I could talk things over with Mum and Dad.  They always knew what to say to make me feel better.  

On a different note, one of the first little babies in my life turned 18 yesterday.  I still remember the day I went to see her for the first time.  Several co workers and I went to visit and bring gifts.  Holding the precious little baby in the rocking chair was the best feeling ever.  She grew into a little blond angel and now she is a beautiful, smart, articulate lovely young woman who will be off to college next year.  It's hard to believe that time has gone by so fast. 

Now it's time to rest and relax.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Fill Ins we go!

1. In November, I most look forward to enjoying Thanksgiving with my little family.

2. The first set of conferences is behind us...phew!

3. It's right there, in the pudding, you know the proof!

4. Renting 40 M will give us peace of mind.

5. Water at least 8 glasses a day does the body good.

6. I love youis what my grandmother used to say any time we left the house, even if we were just running out to the store, and every night before we went to bed.  I don't know what my grandmother used to say as she passed away when I was just 5 months old. 

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to resting my voice and just watching TV, tomorrow my plans include spotting R as he finished the roof and Sunday, I want to rest my voice some more!


NoMoBloPo Day 4

Today's prompt:   When you are writing, do you prefer to use a pen or a computer?
So this is a great question.  I love my computer.  I do my best to write here on a daily basis. I enjoy typing.  I like the feel of the keys under my fingers as well as the sound they make as I type along.  I especially enjoy when I am on a roll and my speed increases.  I also find the automatic spell check very helpful as I have always been self conscious about my spelling.  All this being said I also love putting pen to paper.  I like to write in crisp clean notebooks.  R and I both have  a bit of a notebook fetish.  We always stock up at the beginning of the school year when they are on sale.  I have notebooks for everything!, recipes, daily lists, 40 M, online coarse work....the list goes on.  When I began my online professional development I would use my dedicated notebook to jot down important information so that I could refer back if necessary.  However I now have a program that I can type into that sets up my work in 'notebook' form with automatic outline formatting.  I LOVE it!  So I have found myself splitting my screen as I read information online or listen to embedded videos I type out my notes.  So much fun.  So I guess if asked I wouldn't choose between the pen or computer.  I enjoy both modalities.  


Thursday, November 3, 2011

Still Wordless on Thursday

Well it's true I can't speak above a whisper.   It should be very interesting trying to manage a household, a classroom and tomorrow my annual mammogram appointment.  Yikes.  I'll have to bring along a little notebook so that I can communicate.  Wonder if anyone has a useful home remedy that might bring my voice back.  For now I am using my voice as little as possible.  I'm drinking warm and I'll drink tea on my way to work with some honey.  Perhaps I'll come home early today and rest my voice some more.

On another note I am going to try to post every day this month in the spirit of NoBloPoMo.  This is an annual event that encourages bloggers to actively write every day on their blog.  You can check it out at the above link.  It seems this year the theme for the month is blogging for blogging's sake.  They are also offering prompts each day.  I don't remember this from past years but I love a good prompt so some days I'll utilize the prompts while other days I'll just do my regular blogging.  Maybe I'll even create multiple posts!  Wow that would boost my post numbers up a bit.  Each year my goal has been to write more than the previous year.  I think I'm on track with my goal, although I'll have to go back and compare my numbers from last year.  Some day I'd like to say I write consistently and daily.  We'll see.

So the post up at NoBloPoMo today is this:
            Can you listen to music and write? What song did you hear today?
Well I love to listen to music although over the last several years I have found myself craving quiet so the music is not on as much as it used to be in my home.  I also love to write on my blog.  I tend to prefer writing in quiet.  It does not have to be silent, often television, children or the puppy provide background noise but I typically do not listen to music when I write.  I have heard of people using music to inspire their writing or art practice.  Perhaps one day I will explore this option.  As far as what song I have heard today.... nothing as of yet.  It is just 7:13 am and the radio has not been turned on yet.  I can get back to this question later today. 


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Well it has turned out to be a truly wordless Wednesday.  My voice has given out and I can feel how enflamed my vocal chords have become over the coarse of the day.  Not a good thing considering I have several more conferences to conduct tomorrow.  I couldn't even help sing at music this afternoon or read to the children!  Since I came home I have barely spoken 10 words.  Hopefully a good nights sleep will help.


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Texture Tuesday - And Then Some

I love taking pictures of Flicka.  She is so much fun.  Don't get me wrong she is soooo much work, but now that she has been with us for several months I have to say I don't think I could live without her in our lives.  

So she isn't supposed to be jumping up on the furniture but sometimes she has other ideas.  Here she is snuggled on the blanket on our couch!  I converted the pic to b&w, played with the levels and added two layers of then some, the first on multiply and the second on hue.  I removed a little bit of everything from her eyes, foot, blanket and the blue of the couch.  How can I say no to those big brown eyes?

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