Thursday, November 10, 2011

Secret Passion

NoBloMoPo Day 10 prompt:  What is your secret (or not-so-secret) passion? 

Ahhh  secret passions....

I have many passions none of which are secret. 

I am passionate about creating art.  Truly it can be any type of art.  A few mediums that I especially enjoy working with include; printmaking-specifically melted wax, gelatin and shaving cream printing, fiber arts-felting, knitting, soy silk fusing, photography and painting-acrylic, water color and mural.  

I am passionate about education.  I believe all children deserve the best possible education that we as adults can provide.  As an educator myself I also have strong feelings about the environment in which children should learn.  In order to learn children must feel safe.  It is a teacher's responsibility to provide his or her students with the opportunity to build a classroom community based on mutual trust and respect.  This trust and respect has to begin with the teacher.   When a classroom is based in these two things teachers do not need to resort to yelling or belittling children.   Teachers should NEVER yell at or belittle children.  Sarcasm should be saved for the teachers lounge or better yet avoided altogether.   Teachers should instill a love of learning in their students not a fear of failure.  

I am passionate about my family.  I love them with all my heart and I actually enjoy spending time with my children and husband.  (most of the time anyway;)

I am also passionate about justice.  I want people to do what is right.  It bothers me greatly when they do not.  I always want to know why.  Why do people do what they do when they know they should not?  It is hard for me to let these things go, to the point where I wake in the middle of the night thinking about various injustices.  

Well now you know just a bit about what brings out my passion.  What are you passionate about?


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