Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Are You Following?

So today is usually Wordless Wednesday, but I have not spent much leisure time behind the lens lately and I did not want to pick out old pics to share although I probably have thousands on my computer.  Instead I thought I'd ask those who visit here if they are following the news lately, specifically the Penn State scandal?   I did not want to follow but have been drawn in by the sheer arrogance of the Penn State football system as well as the intense coverage through our mainstream media.  I am amazed each evening as I hear more details.  I briefly looked at the documents online and quickly decided after reading just one page that I did not need to read any more.  I listened to the Bob Costas, Sandesky interview and was amazed by what this man shared.  There is no excuse for what he has done.  The fact that he thought it was OK to shower with kids is telling.  I know that in our country there is supposed to be a presumption of innocence but it is very difficult to go there in this case.  I think many people throughout this country are reliving their own painful stories as they watch this tragedy unfold.   My heart aches for the vulnerable kids who were taken advantage of by this man.  So sad.



Alicia said...

Yes, I'm following. And it sickens me to the core, through and through. I want two things:

I want us to stop calling it child abuse or sexual abuse and call it what it is: child rape. How many supporters of the school, the football program, the coach, the accused could look you in the eye and defend that?

And I want one, just one, football player to have the moral integrity to quit the team, to say that he cannot associate himself with an organization that turned a blind eye to the horror that was happening for so long.

A third good thing would be for the school to cancel the rest of the season's games. No, not to punish the players, but as an admission of complicity in allowing the rape of children to continue.

Of course, I also want world peace and to win the lottery without buying a ticket.

Barbara said...

Alicia I want what you want! It is amazing how we sanitize some things in our country while other things are out in the open in our mainstream media. It is very strange. I guess if something makes the general public uncomfortable then it is left in the dark. I say bring things out into the open and say it like it is.... maybe then change will happen.

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