Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Well it is hard to believe that I have not posted since the beginning of November! As it is with everyone at this time of year things have been busy, busy busy!!! I'll give a brief update here and then I plan to make a new commitment to post at least once a week.

So first of all Grammy's Chatham home sale finally went through at the beginning of November. It was a long process dealing with the real estate agent who was quite picky and also dealing with family members from J's side of the family who had only recently become more active in Grammy and J's lives. It is interesting that since the sale I haven't heard from this part of the family, but I guess that was to be expected. I am relieved that they are safe in assisted living with funds to sustain that life style for some time.

School has been very busy. I don't talk much about this here simply because of privacy issues. Suffice it to say that both of the sessions I teach have unique needs and challenges. I am very tired when I finally come home each night! I think it is the sign of the times. I don't understand why things are seemingly so difficult for some families and children but I am honored that they bring their children to my school and entrust them into our care. On a similar not I just finished an outstanding parenting book that has resonated with me on so many levels!

Negotiation Generation: Take Back Your Parental Authority Without Punishment
by Lynne Reeves Griffin

All the teachers at school are reading this book and have found the information very helpful. If you struggle at all with parenting issues please read this book. It is an easy read with many great examples and practical ideas on how to move toward proactive parenting. I honestly can't say enough about this book. It's available on amazon or from Lynne's website.

On another note Dad's primary care doctor reconfirmed that Dad does have dementia. It is probably from his alcohol abuse. Luckily he is no longer drinking so hopefully the dementia will not progress but he does need significant help with daily living skills. His doctor told me had it not been for the support he receives from his family; Dad would have been institutionalized long ago! It is so difficult to switch roles with a parent. I struggle with this process on a daily basis. If anyone out there has any suggestions please leave a comment.

Good news to share...Stand for Children is now an official chapter in my town! We have 32 active members and will be hosting a Team Founding meeting in January. I truly feel that every adult who cares for or about children should join this advocacy group. The only way we will fix our broken educational system(and it is broken!) is by working together to influence the decision makers and provide a voice for all children. Children's issues should be of the utmost priority as they are our future! (I'll step down from my soap box now) If anyone has questions about Stand please ask!

Well it is getting late and I must get the kids ready for school. I'll post again soon.

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