Thursday, August 30, 2007


About a month ago I joined a really cool consumer website that is harnessing word of mouth marketing. I was invited by my sister-in-law but you can also just sign up at the site . First step is to join a campaign and a product is sent out to your home. All you have to do is try it out and then talk about the product with your family and friends and then report back on the site. It is very cool.

The first product that I received was Listerine Whitening Teeth Strips. They sent me a large box with enough product to use myself and share samples with friends. The product is good. It is easy to use although I found it to be very sharp and spicy in flavor. It was interesting to try out a new product. The next campaign, I joined a few days ago is for the Fly Fusion pen by leapfrog. Now this is a product. For anyone who has 5th to 10th graders and beyond this is for you! It is literally a pen top computer. There are games and programs to use but my favorite part is that you can write on a special notebook and then upload all your notes to the computer and it opens in a MS Word format. It is amazing. I plan on using it when I work on conferences and anecdotal notes for school this year.

I just thought I would share this new hobby with all of you. If you want to check it out go to the web site.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Overdue Birthday Update

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to update on n's birthday celebration. Honestly I just haven't felt like writing. Very lame, I know, but I am here now so here goes!

We invited family, close friends and some of n's friends from school to join us at a local pottery/ceramic studio . Unfortunately several of n's friends were unable to attend and a couple we didn't here from (had regrets only on the invite) didn't show up. I was sad for n, but she had fun and that is all that mattered. Took a couple of pictures of the cake and R took a couple group shots.

We have also been busy this summer learning to ride two wheelers without training wheels,

roller blading and ice skating. I even found out that I can still do all three! Yeah for me! I could hardly believe I still had it in me! Anyway I thought I would share a couple of photos I took at the kids local school as they practiced.

They are both so proud of themselves! N has had a huge boost of confidence. For the longest time he had no interest in even trying to learn to ride a bike. I think his legs just weren't strong enough and the balance thing made him very nervous. So needless to say I am a very proud Mom!

I have a few beach stories to share but they will have to wait until tomorrow as on the the children is calling from upstairs.


Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Force Was With Us!!!

N had the BEST party yesterday! It was a lot of preparation as parties always are but it was so worth everything. We had a few of N's buddies over as well as his cousins. We started off with and opening ceremony where all the kids were given an new light saber and told what was expected of the 'Jedi's in training' . We had lots of Jedi reflex training games including water balloon toss and dodge ball. The kids and adults all had a blast. I have a few pictures to post.

It turned out to be beautiful weather for the party. I was worried in the morning as it was cloudy and muggy but by early afternoon the clouds had lifted and the air had changed. The air was cooler and dryer. It was a perfect afternoon to play outside. After some group shots the boys enjoyed playing their own version of Star Wars tag and hide and seek. Here they are hamming it up for pictures.

After playing outside everyone made their own pizza's on homemade dough. Some of the kids had never done this before much to my surprise! They all seemed to enjoy the experience. Then they were off to play outside again. After eating pizza and opening gifts everyone enjoyed cake and ice cream. N was happy that we were able to find a Star Wars cake at our local grocery.

It was pretty cool.

Finally everyone settled down to watch Star Wars Episode 3 Attack of the Clones. It was interesting to watch them watch the movie. They were more interested in talking about and commenting on the movie than watching what was happening. They were funny. It was by far one of the best kids birthday party ever. I was so pleased at how all the kids were able to get along. We had no problems and N was a great host. He had a great time! Nine years ago he was just a small baby. Time just goes by so fast.
Well that's all for tonight.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Birthday Celebrations All Around

For the past nine years the end of summer has meant the celebration of the births of my two beautiful children. We also celebrate R's birthday as well as my Dad's birthday during the month of August. At the end of August we remember the anniversary of R's mom Anita's (Ma)death. This year as n turns 7 and N turns 9 we will be remembering the 7th anniversary of 'Ma's' death. To say that this time is busy and emotional for us is an understatement.

Right now we are in the middle of planning N's Star Wars celebration. He is very excited. We will be re purposing some fun summer birthday games into 'Jedi' training exercises to improve the reflexes of all the 'Jedis" in training. There will be the water balloon toss, dodge ball and balloon volleyball using light sabers to keep the balloons in play. We will have an asteroid search and make homemade pizza and cake and ice cream. Finally we will watch N's favorite Star Wars movie and eat popcorn and candy. It should be a fun night.

Well that is all for tonight. I am tired and off to bed.


Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Family Fun!

Well I've been so busy doing nothing that I haven't found time to write in my blog. I've started many times only to be interrupted by a child, husband or random thought! I'm here now and that's what matters, right?

So R has this week off from work. We're planning day trips although the weather may not cooperate. We spent the day yesterday travelling up to Georges Mills in New Hampshire. Grammy and J have been living at the assisted living there since the end of June and this was the first opportunity that we had to go visit. I have to say that I have missed our Chatham trips. Last summer the children and I went down to visit once a week. Now we will probably make the trip once every six weeks. With R's band schedule and the children's various social engagements not to mention keeping an eye on my Dad time is limited. Back to our visit. The assisted living facility was nice. It wasn't quite what I had expected, but they are happy and have a nice little apartment. They are hoping to move into a two bedroom in the fall and that will give them a little more living space and give each of them there own room. I think Grammy is much more active now than she was in Chatham so that is a good thing although she did look tired. I guess that is what happens when you are in your 90's! She was happy to have company and I was certainly happy to finally see the new place! I wonder how the trip will be in the winter with snow? Yesterday also happened to be n's actual birthday. She felt a little jipped spending the majority of the day in the car so today was the official celebration-all day. We went to the local mall and she picked out her build-a-bear. Then we continued on to Target and Toys-r-us for a couple other items. On our way home we stopped at our little local bakery and she picked out a special treat-a vanilla cake with pink frosting. We'll be enjoyed cake and ice cream tonight and then again in a couple of weeks when we have her actual party. Plans for the rest of the week look like the movies, the New England Aquarium and the Boston Children's Museum. I think that will be all we can fit in for this vacation. It should be loads of fun.

Hope you are all well out there in blog land. I wonder what you will do or have done with your families for vacation?

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