Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Overdue Birthday Update

I'm sorry it has taken me so long to update on n's birthday celebration. Honestly I just haven't felt like writing. Very lame, I know, but I am here now so here goes!

We invited family, close friends and some of n's friends from school to join us at a local pottery/ceramic studio
http://www.fun2beedone.com/ . Unfortunately several of n's friends were unable to attend and a couple we didn't here from (had regrets only on the invite) didn't show up. I was sad for n, but she had fun and that is all that mattered. Took a couple of pictures of the cake and R took a couple group shots.

We have also been busy this summer learning to ride two wheelers without training wheels,

roller blading and ice skating. I even found out that I can still do all three! Yeah for me! I could hardly believe I still had it in me! Anyway I thought I would share a couple of photos I took at the kids local school as they practiced.

They are both so proud of themselves! N has had a huge boost of confidence. For the longest time he had no interest in even trying to learn to ride a bike. I think his legs just weren't strong enough and the balance thing made him very nervous. So needless to say I am a very proud Mom!

I have a few beach stories to share but they will have to wait until tomorrow as on the the children is calling from upstairs.


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