Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Force Was With Us!!!

N had the BEST party yesterday! It was a lot of preparation as parties always are but it was so worth everything. We had a few of N's buddies over as well as his cousins. We started off with and opening ceremony where all the kids were given an new light saber and told what was expected of the 'Jedi's in training' . We had lots of Jedi reflex training games including water balloon toss and dodge ball. The kids and adults all had a blast. I have a few pictures to post.

It turned out to be beautiful weather for the party. I was worried in the morning as it was cloudy and muggy but by early afternoon the clouds had lifted and the air had changed. The air was cooler and dryer. It was a perfect afternoon to play outside. After some group shots the boys enjoyed playing their own version of Star Wars tag and hide and seek. Here they are hamming it up for pictures.

After playing outside everyone made their own pizza's on homemade dough. Some of the kids had never done this before much to my surprise! They all seemed to enjoy the experience. Then they were off to play outside again. After eating pizza and opening gifts everyone enjoyed cake and ice cream. N was happy that we were able to find a Star Wars cake at our local grocery.

It was pretty cool.

Finally everyone settled down to watch Star Wars Episode 3 Attack of the Clones. It was interesting to watch them watch the movie. They were more interested in talking about and commenting on the movie than watching what was happening. They were funny. It was by far one of the best kids birthday party ever. I was so pleased at how all the kids were able to get along. We had no problems and N was a great host. He had a great time! Nine years ago he was just a small baby. Time just goes by so fast.
Well that's all for tonight.

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