Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Open House

Well last night was my Open House to share information regarding Stand For Children. Unfortunately of the 5 people who said they would come only two actually came. It was certainly disappointing. I think that people are afraid that joining Stand for Children will require a large time commitment when in actuality it does not. We already have a core group of members who are ready to do the work. We just need more individual members so that we can be considered an official chapter. I am happy to say that the people who came last night will join. I think it is so important for parents to stand up and advocate for children. I stand for children because I believe all children deserve the best public education possible and that as a parent it is my responsibility to advocate for my children and to give them a voice in the democratic process so that issues that effect their education are not put on the back burner. I want to untie the hands of our teachers who so desperately want to teach our children and not constantly test our children. I want to set an example for my own children so that they know the importance of taking positive action in order to make a difference.

There are so many issues facing our school system. So many parents complain and worry yet it seems like no one knows what to do to change things for our children. If people took the plunge and became dues paying members of Stand for Children they could help set the agenda for our state wide and local plan. As a member driven organization we the members decide what issues are important. Unfortunately the only way to tackle local issues is to have an official chapter. By joining the only commitment a person makes is to his or her child. All we ask is for members help in setting the agenda and also to take action when necessary. All that means is maybe writing a letter to an elected official or calling a representative or getting out to vote in local elections. We could make the schools better. I wish I understood why folks are so hesitant even to just come to an informational night.

Does anyone out there have experience with gathering members for a community action group? I'd love to hear what you think works or doesn't work. It is so frustrating when I know that this group has done great things in other communities and could do great things for us.

I'll get down from my soap box now!


Saturday, October 20, 2007


Over at One Wild and Precious Live I followed this link and took the spirituality test. I love taking these online tests. I'm not sure why but I do enjoy them. Anyway I guess I am a mystic.

You are a Mystic, known for your imaginative, intuitive spirituality. You value peace, harmony, and inner silence. Mystics are nurtured by walking alone in the woods or sitting quietly with a trusted friend. You may also enjoy poetry, meditation, wordless prayer, candles, art, books, and anything else that helps you connect with God.
Mystics experience God best through rich images and symbols. You are contemplative, introspective, intuitive, and focused on an inner world as real to you as the exterior one. Hearing from God is more important to you than speaking to God. Others may attribute human characteristics to God, but you see God as ineffable, unnamable, and more vast than any known category. You are intrigued by God's mystery.
Mystics want to inspire and persuade others, and need to live lives of significance. At times you push the envelope of spirituality, helping the rest of us imagine who we might become if we followed your lead.
Sometimes you may feel a bit guilty about your need for solitude and silence. If so, you probably have bought into the American myth that says being alone and doing nothing is lazy, antisocial, and unproductive. Stop it -- now. Give yourself permission to retreat and be alone. It's essential for your well-being.
On the other hand, don't get so carried away retreating that you become a recluse. That only deprives the world of your gifts and deprives you of the lessons that come from being with others. Some Mystics may have a true vocation for solitary prayer, but the rest of you need to alternate retreat time with involvement and interaction.

Interesting stuff, don't you think?


Friday, October 12, 2007

Another Week

Well it has been a busy week. We started our week with a visit to Chatham on Monday to check on Grammy and J's house. It looked really good. Everything was clean and empty with the exception of the basement and a few random things that were being moved out to California to J's granddaughter. It was so strange to be in the empty house. I have to say I miss having them on the cape. It is very difficult to carve out time to go up to New Hampshire to see them.

Going back to school on Tuesday was hard for all of us. I think we just wanted one more day. n had an especially difficult morning. Wednesday was better. Everyone was happy to get up an go to school. It always helps when the kids feel settled about going to school. Dad had a doctors appointment with his surgeon Wednesday evening so I ran right from school to his house to get him to his appointment. His wound seems a bit smaller but the healing is a very slow process. His surgeon does not seem worried by the amount of time it has taken to see progress in his healing and Dad isn't bothered by the wound so we are just going to wait and see how things go. He'll go back in another three months. Good news for me as I am the driver and note taker. I was happy to see Thursday come and go as I have Friday's off and the mornings are a bit less hectic.

This morning I met with Katie from Stand for Children. I am very excited to be a part of this organization and look forward to sharing my enthusiasm with friends on October 23 at an informational meeting at my home. I hope that everyone who comes will decide to become a member and take and active role in effecting positive change for children in our community.

For more information check out Stand for Children's web site.

Friday, October 5, 2007

Stand Up for CHILDREN

Well, the past few weeks have passed by quickly. The first two weeks of school for my children were difficult. We had tears and tummy aches. We also had repeated requests to 'just stay home'. It seems now that we have passed this phase of the transition into the new school year. Both children are able to make it through the morning without ailments and requests to stay home. It has been a process.

Before the school year started I recieved a letter from the parent of one of n's former classmates. The letter was regarding a new group that is trying to create a chapter in our hometown. The group is called STAND for Children. When I first recieved the letter I thought it sounded interesting but questioned if I had the time to go to the meeting never mind join the organization. Then we started school and n had her meltdown and I made the decision to take action! I wrote my letter to n's teacher, called to get more information regarding STAND and went to the meeting. I have to say I was blown away. So much information was shared. I spoke with a local real estate agent who told me families actually cross our community off their list because of the schools. I was shocked. Our school system isn't terrible but it could be so much better. I decided to join the group and have been asked to become a team coordinator. The position requires only about 1 hour of work per week with 1 evening meeting per month. I think it is important to take a stand to improve the lives of my children as well as the lives of the very young children that I work with on a daily basis who will attend local school. I'm looking forward to setting an example for my children and hopefully effecting a change in the local educational policy. Check out the web site. It is pretty interesting.
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