Friday, October 5, 2007

Stand Up for CHILDREN

Well, the past few weeks have passed by quickly. The first two weeks of school for my children were difficult. We had tears and tummy aches. We also had repeated requests to 'just stay home'. It seems now that we have passed this phase of the transition into the new school year. Both children are able to make it through the morning without ailments and requests to stay home. It has been a process.

Before the school year started I recieved a letter from the parent of one of n's former classmates. The letter was regarding a new group that is trying to create a chapter in our hometown. The group is called STAND for Children. When I first recieved the letter I thought it sounded interesting but questioned if I had the time to go to the meeting never mind join the organization. Then we started school and n had her meltdown and I made the decision to take action! I wrote my letter to n's teacher, called to get more information regarding STAND and went to the meeting. I have to say I was blown away. So much information was shared. I spoke with a local real estate agent who told me families actually cross our community off their list because of the schools. I was shocked. Our school system isn't terrible but it could be so much better. I decided to join the group and have been asked to become a team coordinator. The position requires only about 1 hour of work per week with 1 evening meeting per month. I think it is important to take a stand to improve the lives of my children as well as the lives of the very young children that I work with on a daily basis who will attend local school. I'm looking forward to setting an example for my children and hopefully effecting a change in the local educational policy. Check out the web site. It is pretty interesting.

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