Friday, October 12, 2007

Another Week

Well it has been a busy week. We started our week with a visit to Chatham on Monday to check on Grammy and J's house. It looked really good. Everything was clean and empty with the exception of the basement and a few random things that were being moved out to California to J's granddaughter. It was so strange to be in the empty house. I have to say I miss having them on the cape. It is very difficult to carve out time to go up to New Hampshire to see them.

Going back to school on Tuesday was hard for all of us. I think we just wanted one more day. n had an especially difficult morning. Wednesday was better. Everyone was happy to get up an go to school. It always helps when the kids feel settled about going to school. Dad had a doctors appointment with his surgeon Wednesday evening so I ran right from school to his house to get him to his appointment. His wound seems a bit smaller but the healing is a very slow process. His surgeon does not seem worried by the amount of time it has taken to see progress in his healing and Dad isn't bothered by the wound so we are just going to wait and see how things go. He'll go back in another three months. Good news for me as I am the driver and note taker. I was happy to see Thursday come and go as I have Friday's off and the mornings are a bit less hectic.

This morning I met with Katie from Stand for Children. I am very excited to be a part of this organization and look forward to sharing my enthusiasm with friends on October 23 at an informational meeting at my home. I hope that everyone who comes will decide to become a member and take and active role in effecting positive change for children in our community.

For more information check out Stand for Children's web site.

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