Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Texture Tuesday - Simplicity

We have had one decent snow storm this winter.  Flicka LOVES the snow.  We took her to a local park and played with her in the abandoned parking lot.  It was so much fun.  I thought I'd work with a few photos from that day for today's Texture Tuesday.  Each image has had levels adjusted and a single layer of simplicity added and masked away.


Quick List Update

So lots was done over the weekend.  We completed just about all the tasks on our household list.  The kids were troopers.  They worked hard for an hour or so and we got it all done.  I worked for must of Saturday afternoon on my class.  I got through two responses and four tests.  Three 100's and one 90 makes for a happy student.  I am 99.9% done with that class.  Yay! I completed my family letter.  I also was able to get all the photos of artwork into my art resource book.  I have about 35 or so projects in the book.  Now I am working on writing up lesson plans for each art experience.  I have about five complete.  Many of them overlap so it won't be difficult to get the plans done.  Hmmm let's see what else did I have on my list?  Well I did a little research on the Midwest but did not find much.  I'll work more on that during the week.  I worked on my valentines.  That was fun.  I printed up a wide variety of heart images.  I'm not sure which I'll use but now I have a variety of options.  I did organize my notes and came up with some questions for M.  I saw her yesterday and spent the afternoon solo in the class.  It was fun.

Yet to do would be completing the last assignment for my class, assembling valentines, printing out my valentine letter for school, filling out my application for recertification, researching smartboard activities for Midwest and electricity.



Sunday, January 29, 2012

One Word View - Love


When I think of the word love I think of my family.  They are my world.  This picture was taken at R's computer.  It is one of several that were taken in a series.  The quality is not the best but it captures us in a good light.  This is one of my all time family photos.  Don't we look happy?

Please visit our collaborative blog to see other interpretations of the word love.



Saturday, January 28, 2012

Lists and more.....

Well I have a to do list as long as my arm today!

Bank, dump, dusting, picking up, bathrooms, sweeping, swifting, mopping, baking, organizing, bill paying, laundry, folding,

and that is just the housework list!

My next list it titled 'Homework'

under N we find study for science test, for my little n we have create book report...pop up book with typed responses to specific questions next we have my category.... (in my mind I hear dun, dun, dun daaaaa in an ominous tone)  here goes:  write letter to families, write Valentines day newsletter, create Art resource book for J, complete at a glance for November through January(yes I am behind), work on printing valentines, finish online pdp class so that I can complete application for my recertification, research midwest and electricity for some fun introductory videos or interactives for the smartboard, go through notes to organize my thoughts and gather all my questions for M.

Ok now I think I might need a nap before I even begin!

Actually with the families help the first list is just about done.  Thank heavens.  Oh I forgot to mention in the midst of all this I'm making Nanny's homemade bread!  Very yummy but an all day process in itself.

Hope your Saturday is a little less jam packed!


Oh and by the way any of my photography friends;  I hope you'll join in on Our Word View challenge.  We are sharing images that represent the word love.  Check out our site here.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday Fill Ins 3

And...here we go!

1. It's time to let it go.
2.Take a deep breath ... and don't forget the exhale!
3. I'm trying to stay focussed on what lies ahead.
4. "Glad that you know that, now that you're going to be rich!!!", that was the last funny comment I received.
5. Please send prayers to all those who are fighting cancer, as there is power in universal prayer.
6. Watch out cause I'm in it for the long haul.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to an early bedtime(boring I know but i've been awake at 4:30 am for the last 3 mornings), tomorrow my plans include _working on my homework and helping n to do her homework and Sunday, I want to relax and prep for next week!


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook 4

Outside my window...it is dark and rainy 

I am thinking...that I might not make it up to watch all of Bones tonight!  I feel like I could go to sleep right now. 

I am thankful for...my good life and exciting new opportunities!

From the kitchen...delicious peanut butter cookies this week!  We made the same recipe twice over the past week and the cookies are all gone!  

I am wearing...my brown pants, a black top and black vest and to stay warm I am under a warm blanket. 

I am creating... a source book for art ideas for my teaching partner to refer to once I have left my current position.  I picked up the photos and I'll put it all together this weekend. 

I am going...to research paintable silk material.  I have an idea for a class project to create something beautiful for M.  I hope I can find what I want. 

I am wondering... how my transition to my new position will go.... we'll see.   

I am reading...online class information as well as a couple of teacher resources including The Cafe Book and The Daily Five.   

I am hearing...The television.... Wii games...

I am hoping...that we get a good snow storm.

I am looking forward to...reading something other than PDP stuff. 

I am learning...how to let things go... it is hard for me. 

Around the house...things are calm and quiet.  

A favorite quote for today...  “Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice, but for those who love, time is eternity.”  Henry Van Dyke

One of my favorite things...is making beautiful things to give to my friends nothing brings me more pleasure.  

A few plans for the rest of the week: working on my online class, working in the 4th grade class, organizing my art sourcebook, starting my recertification application and creating prints for my Valentines.    I'm also going to continue to say a lot of prayers for my friend who is fighting cancer.  Tomorrow will complete her first week of treatment.   Please if you are the spiritual type add my dear friend M to your prayers.  

A peek into my day


Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Texture Tuesday - Story

This week our challenge was to share a photo that went with the theme 'story'.  This was a tough on for me until I started searching through my photos and found the photos sent to my by my cousin D.  She spent a good deal of time over the last year researching our geneology.  She searched online and reconnected with some distant family.  I always thought that my Dad's father came from a small family.  Through this process I learned that was not so!  He and my great grandfather are a bit of a mystery to me.  There are many hidden stories that have yet to be uncovered.  Our distant cousin was kind enough to share a CD full of old photos.  The old saying a picture is worth a thousand words certainly popped into my mind when I looked at all the images.  They are beautiful and mysterious all at once.  One of my favorites is the following of my grandfather when he was younger.  He is so handsome and when I look at this image I can't help but think of my cousin M.  He looked so much like this picture of my grandfather.   I'd love to hear the story that must have gone with this image.

I used Kim's textures silence and zuzu to alter my original image.  


Oh for any photo challenge lovers please go over to my new collaborative blog, Our Word View and join us on Sundays or any day throughout the week to share your take on a single word.  We'd love to check out your interpretations. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

Mellow Yellow Monday

Thinking of sunnier days!  Love the yellow in this beautiful sunflower.  I can't wait for spring when I can get digging in the dirt again.   I wonder how that will work with my puppy..... hmmmm we shall see. 


For my friends who enjoy photo challenges/prompts please go check out my new collaborative blog over at Our Word View.  I think you might enjoy joining us weekly on Sundays.  

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Our Word View - Peace


It is in the sparkle of the water.

It is in the sound of the waves lapping the shore.

It is in the scent of the ocean breeze.

It is in the place where I go to return to myself and find
respite from our crazy world.

My peace is found by the sea. 

It has always been a sacred place for as long as I can remember.

When too much time goes by I find I long to return to 
the place where I reconnect with spirit and mother earth and 
find myself again. 


Please join us at 


A collaborative project between 2 friends who's paths were separated for 20 years & have found one another once again online. Both share a love of the ocean, nature & of course photography! A fondness for inspirational sayings has sparked this project. Each Sunday we will post the "WORD OF THE WEEK" & our individual interpretation of the word via 2 separate photos! Post your interpretation via the "Add Your Link" button below photos.

I am also sharing this image in Shadow Shot Sunday.  I find the shadows of the beach stones both dramatic and mysterious.  I love the dark look of the rocks in this image.

Shadow Shot Sunday 2

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Winter Wonderland

Well we finally had our first significant snowfall of the season.  It has been snowing all day long and has transformed the dull landscape into a glorious winter wonderland.

There is something magical about the first big snow of the year.  I love the smell in the air and the crunch under my feat as I walk down my side stairs.  The roads are not so fun to navigate but it makes for a good excuse to stay home and hunker down.

After  spending the morning sipping coffee with my friend A I came home played with Flicka in the snow for a bit and then relaxed for a time before baking Peanut Butter Sandies..... yummmmmm!  Now I remember why my Dad loved it when I made these at Christmas.  I have not made them in quite some time.  After baking I made crispy baked chicken for the kids and chicken parm for R and me.  It was yummy.  To round out the day we are watching Johnny Depp in the final Pirates movie.

I hope you had just as cozy a day in your neck of the woods.


Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Fill Ins 2 redo

And...here we go!

1. When I looked out the window this morning it had snowed and we had an hour delay for school! 
2. Lack of compassion doesn't make sense to me.
3. Remind me why I thought this was a good idea.
4. Baking is something I love to do!
5. TP is essential.
6. I cleaned the refrigerator recently and I found out that I should clean the fridge more often!
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to shows with the kids, tomorrow my plans include 9 am coffee with A and Sunday, I want to watch the Pats win!


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook 3

Outside my window...it is dark and cold.  

I am thinking...that  I might have to walk to school on school on Monday!  Eeek!

I am thankful for...my good life!

From the kitchen...nothing too exciting.  Pizza tonight though and it was yummy.

I am wearing...my gray cords, black top and dark gray jacket.  Oh and my slippers.

I am creating... a source book for art ideas for my teaching partner to refer to once I have left my current position.  I'll be printing some photos this weekend to get the project rolling.

I am going...to finish up all my PDP requirements over the next two weeks and then I'll be able to get my recertification application started.  I've let my last class take a back seat so this weekend I'll be getting to work. 

I am wondering... if I will be able to operate the smartboard tomorrow.  I hope so.  

I am reading...online class information as well as a couple of teacher resources including The Cafe Book and The Daily Five.  Very interesting. 

I am hearing...The television.... evening programs.

I am hoping...that we get a good snow storm.

I am looking forward to...the weekend.

I am learning...how to be teach EDM.

Around the house...I see so many projects that should be done including several rooms that should be painted.  

A favorite quote for today..."To become truly great, one has to stand with people, not above them." -Charles de Montesquieu

One of my favorite things...is perusing creative websites and blogs.  

A few plans for the rest of the week: working on my online class, working in the 4th grade class, organizing my art sourcebook, Pats on Sunday and organizing for another week.  I'm also going to continue to say a lot of prayers for my friend who is fighting cancer.  Her first treatment is next Monday.  I will be thinking of her.   Please if you are the spiritual type add my dear friend M to your prayers.  

A peek into my day


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Texture Tuesday - Open

Open to new beginnings and all that the future holds!


Kim Klassen's annabelle and auraura made these images possible.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Our Word View - Friendship

The word friendship immediately brings to mind the relationship I see between my children.  They have always been the best of friends.  It makes my heart sing when they get along and share ideas and experiences.  They have a typical relationship and have many challenging moments but all in all they stick together. The following image is one of my favorites.  I have it framed and hanging in my home.


Join in on this challenge over at 



Our Word View-A New Blog and Photo Challenge

Well I've joined up with an old friend to start a new photo challenge.  It is exciting to be flexing another creative muscle that incorporates both my love of photography and my love of words!  L and I worked together many years ago in the banking industry.  She was a go getter then and continues to be a go getter today.  At least that is my impression.  Over the past year we have reconnected online and when she approached me this weekend to join her on this new venture I jumped at the chance.

So here is the premise.  Each week we will share our photographic interpretation of a word of our choice.  We will be choosing the words on a rotating basis and would love for all of our blogging and everyday friends to join in on this challenge.  This week we started with the word friendship.  So if you would like to join in please visit us over at Our Word View.  We have set up a linkin for our blogger friends and a Flickr group as well.  Links are available on our new blog. We look forward to seeing your interpretation on the world through our words and images.  Please grab our badge and play along.


Sunday, January 15, 2012


It is hard to believe that 11 years ago I lost my Mum.  Some days it seems like just yesterday while other days it feels like a lifetime ago.  I could never have made it through that time without my dear friend C.  I am thankful for her friendship every day!

So here are some of my favorite photos of my Mum.  Miss her every day.


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