Monday, January 16, 2012

Our Word View-A New Blog and Photo Challenge

Well I've joined up with an old friend to start a new photo challenge.  It is exciting to be flexing another creative muscle that incorporates both my love of photography and my love of words!  L and I worked together many years ago in the banking industry.  She was a go getter then and continues to be a go getter today.  At least that is my impression.  Over the past year we have reconnected online and when she approached me this weekend to join her on this new venture I jumped at the chance.

So here is the premise.  Each week we will share our photographic interpretation of a word of our choice.  We will be choosing the words on a rotating basis and would love for all of our blogging and everyday friends to join in on this challenge.  This week we started with the word friendship.  So if you would like to join in please visit us over at Our Word View.  We have set up a linkin for our blogger friends and a Flickr group as well.  Links are available on our new blog. We look forward to seeing your interpretation on the world through our words and images.  Please grab our badge and play along.



Liz said...

So excited!

Alicia said...

I'm enjoying my one-month photo challenge so much, I may pick this one up too, on occasion.

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