Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Quick List Update

So lots was done over the weekend.  We completed just about all the tasks on our household list.  The kids were troopers.  They worked hard for an hour or so and we got it all done.  I worked for must of Saturday afternoon on my class.  I got through two responses and four tests.  Three 100's and one 90 makes for a happy student.  I am 99.9% done with that class.  Yay! I completed my family letter.  I also was able to get all the photos of artwork into my art resource book.  I have about 35 or so projects in the book.  Now I am working on writing up lesson plans for each art experience.  I have about five complete.  Many of them overlap so it won't be difficult to get the plans done.  Hmmm let's see what else did I have on my list?  Well I did a little research on the Midwest but did not find much.  I'll work more on that during the week.  I worked on my valentines.  That was fun.  I printed up a wide variety of heart images.  I'm not sure which I'll use but now I have a variety of options.  I did organize my notes and came up with some questions for M.  I saw her yesterday and spent the afternoon solo in the class.  It was fun.

Yet to do would be completing the last assignment for my class, assembling valentines, printing out my valentine letter for school, filling out my application for recertification, researching smartboard activities for Midwest and electricity.



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