Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Weekend!

Yay!  I love the weekend.

It was a busy week ending with a day in what will be my new classroom.  I actually woke up thinking about school!  I am excited for the challenge.  It will be a lot of work but I know I am up to the task and the thought of moving into a bigger educational environment is thrilling.

Today, after a long relaxed morning of watching a couple of episodes of the British series Survivor n and I got ready to go out in search of a winter jacket to keep her warm as well as snacks to keep our tummys full during the game tonight.

We began our search at Kohl's and found a beautiful coat for her in the women's department.  Even on sale it was $100.00.  We decided to be thrifty and head over to TJ Max and see if we could find her something there.  Well we got lucky!  She found a beautiful zip/toggle closure black hooded jacket.   It is lined with the softest material and looks awesome.  She loves it, thankfully.  You won't believe it, but the coat was on clearance for $15.00!  What a crazy steal.  So to celebrate she picked up two cute hats(she is a hat girl...loves them) and a pair of skull candy ear buds for her ipod and the total cost was only $37.00.  We spent a fraction of what I would have spent at Kohl's and walked out with more than just a coat.  So exciting.

After coat shopping we went along to pick up snacky things at the grocery store.  Shrimp for shrimp cocktail.  Hummus and crackers for snacking.  Chips and Doritos as well as soda to round out our snack menu.  Fun, fun, fun!

Now all we have to do is watch the Pats win!


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Liz said...

Always love a good deal like that Barb! :)

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