Sunday, January 15, 2012


It is hard to believe that 11 years ago I lost my Mum.  Some days it seems like just yesterday while other days it feels like a lifetime ago.  I could never have made it through that time without my dear friend C.  I am thankful for her friendship every day!

So here are some of my favorite photos of my Mum.  Miss her every day.



Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

Such a pretty lady! Thanks so much for sharing the old photos. :)

Anonymous said...

perhaps your best friend C would have been a better friend if she had realized it had already been 11 years. I am captivated at how much you look like your mom and that you haven't aged since the day you were born (lucky genes) thinking of you

PS - love the steals at TJ maxx

Liz said...

In some of those pictures I really thought it was you Barb! She was such a pretty woman! I'm sorry that you lost her so long ago. She must have been young - well in my mind - my mother is just shy of 86 so anything younger than 80 is young to me!

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