Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Open House

Well last night was my Open House to share information regarding Stand For Children. Unfortunately of the 5 people who said they would come only two actually came. It was certainly disappointing. I think that people are afraid that joining Stand for Children will require a large time commitment when in actuality it does not. We already have a core group of members who are ready to do the work. We just need more individual members so that we can be considered an official chapter. I am happy to say that the people who came last night will join. I think it is so important for parents to stand up and advocate for children. I stand for children because I believe all children deserve the best public education possible and that as a parent it is my responsibility to advocate for my children and to give them a voice in the democratic process so that issues that effect their education are not put on the back burner. I want to untie the hands of our teachers who so desperately want to teach our children and not constantly test our children. I want to set an example for my own children so that they know the importance of taking positive action in order to make a difference.

There are so many issues facing our school system. So many parents complain and worry yet it seems like no one knows what to do to change things for our children. If people took the plunge and became dues paying members of Stand for Children they could help set the agenda for our state wide and local plan. As a member driven organization we the members decide what issues are important. Unfortunately the only way to tackle local issues is to have an official chapter. By joining the only commitment a person makes is to his or her child. All we ask is for members help in setting the agenda and also to take action when necessary. All that means is maybe writing a letter to an elected official or calling a representative or getting out to vote in local elections. We could make the schools better. I wish I understood why folks are so hesitant even to just come to an informational night.

Does anyone out there have experience with gathering members for a community action group? I'd love to hear what you think works or doesn't work. It is so frustrating when I know that this group has done great things in other communities and could do great things for us.

I'll get down from my soap box now!


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