Thursday, November 3, 2011

Still Wordless on Thursday

Well it's true I can't speak above a whisper.   It should be very interesting trying to manage a household, a classroom and tomorrow my annual mammogram appointment.  Yikes.  I'll have to bring along a little notebook so that I can communicate.  Wonder if anyone has a useful home remedy that might bring my voice back.  For now I am using my voice as little as possible.  I'm drinking warm and I'll drink tea on my way to work with some honey.  Perhaps I'll come home early today and rest my voice some more.

On another note I am going to try to post every day this month in the spirit of NoBloPoMo.  This is an annual event that encourages bloggers to actively write every day on their blog.  You can check it out at the above link.  It seems this year the theme for the month is blogging for blogging's sake.  They are also offering prompts each day.  I don't remember this from past years but I love a good prompt so some days I'll utilize the prompts while other days I'll just do my regular blogging.  Maybe I'll even create multiple posts!  Wow that would boost my post numbers up a bit.  Each year my goal has been to write more than the previous year.  I think I'm on track with my goal, although I'll have to go back and compare my numbers from last year.  Some day I'd like to say I write consistently and daily.  We'll see.

So the post up at NoBloPoMo today is this:
            Can you listen to music and write? What song did you hear today?
Well I love to listen to music although over the last several years I have found myself craving quiet so the music is not on as much as it used to be in my home.  I also love to write on my blog.  I tend to prefer writing in quiet.  It does not have to be silent, often television, children or the puppy provide background noise but I typically do not listen to music when I write.  I have heard of people using music to inspire their writing or art practice.  Perhaps one day I will explore this option.  As far as what song I have heard today.... nothing as of yet.  It is just 7:13 am and the radio has not been turned on yet.  I can get back to this question later today. 


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