Friday, November 4, 2011

NoMoBloPo Day 4

Today's prompt:   When you are writing, do you prefer to use a pen or a computer?
So this is a great question.  I love my computer.  I do my best to write here on a daily basis. I enjoy typing.  I like the feel of the keys under my fingers as well as the sound they make as I type along.  I especially enjoy when I am on a roll and my speed increases.  I also find the automatic spell check very helpful as I have always been self conscious about my spelling.  All this being said I also love putting pen to paper.  I like to write in crisp clean notebooks.  R and I both have  a bit of a notebook fetish.  We always stock up at the beginning of the school year when they are on sale.  I have notebooks for everything!, recipes, daily lists, 40 M, online coarse work....the list goes on.  When I began my online professional development I would use my dedicated notebook to jot down important information so that I could refer back if necessary.  However I now have a program that I can type into that sets up my work in 'notebook' form with automatic outline formatting.  I LOVE it!  So I have found myself splitting my screen as I read information online or listen to embedded videos I type out my notes.  So much fun.  So I guess if asked I wouldn't choose between the pen or computer.  I enjoy both modalities.  


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