Saturday, November 26, 2011

Beach Finds

Today was a beautiful day in our area.  The temperatures were very mild for this time of the year so we took advantage of the day and n, Flicka and I walked our beach for over an hour.  We walked north as we have done so many times before, but we went far beyond our typical stopping point.  Along our way we found several pieces of sea glass, some drift wood and a yellow tennis ball.   Flicka had a blast being off leash and had quite the work out as she chased the tennis ball.   Our goal was to get past the furthest point of the beach that we could see from our usual stopping place.  As we approached that final bend we noticed the severe degree of erosion on the cliff and then what appeared to be a poured uneven slab of cement on the beach.  Such a strange site.  We soon learned that there was no cement on the beach.  What we had noticed was actually a huge area of naturally occurring clay.   It was incredibly beautiful.  We spent a good deal of time investigating the area.  We found dark grey and red clay.  I wish I had my camera.  We even harvested some of the clay and brought it home for some experimentation.  The beauty of the natural world is truly awe inspiring.  If tomorrow we are blessed with good weather again we'll be taking the same walk and bringing my camera.


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