Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Texture Tuesday - Outdoors

This week our challenge over at Texture Tuesday is to begin with an image taken outside and then add at least one texture from all that Kim has shared.

I decided to work on a set of images taken out on the back deck with n and Flicka.  I added the textures aurora and sunkissed to all of my images and then used masks to take some of the texture of certain parts of my images.  The photo shoot was so much fun as was playing with them in photoshop.




Danielle said...

Oh how cute!!! I'm not sure but it looks like an Aussie Shepherd. I need to learn how to do that masking thing.

Pat said...

Beautiful portraits of your dog!

Liz said...

Dreamy! They came out excellent!

Sharon said...

Your pup is just adorable! I especially love the 3rd photo of her full face. I'm sure you had fun with this project!

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