Sunday, July 15, 2012

One More Political Post ....

I promise I will not turn my blog into a political blog but I have to share something here at Surfside Serenity.

I've been having a conversation on Facebook (I know, not a good idea!) with one of my cousins about a recent speech made by President Obama in Roanoke, Virginia.  It seems that The Blaze has taken three paragraphs out of the speech and turned them into inflammatory talking points for anti-Obama individuals.   For some reason anti-Obama folks will grab onto something and morph it into their own propaganda.  In this case they are trying to depict the President as a 'Communist' because of three paragraphs out of an over 60 paragraph speech.  When you read the entire transcript you can see that the President and First Lady are not all that different from you and I.  I'm including both links in my post in the hopes that folks will look at both pieces of writing and make up their own minds.  I don't think you could read the transcript and come away with the perception that The Blaze is putting out in it's article.  I have shared the link for the transcript on FB with my cousin in the hopes that he will read the article and share his thoughts after he has read all of what the President had to say.  We shall see.


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