Saturday, July 14, 2012

The Bain of His Existence?

I'm guessing this is what Romney is thinking right about now.... Bain is the bain of my existence... well maybe not as I'm sure much of his nest was feathered by his various deals through Bain.

Well Romney and Bain have been in the news.  Obama's team has run with the story.  You can read a bit about the confusion here.  I think there are at least two issued at play here.  First is the issue of full  and honest disclosure.   Romney has refused to release all of his tax returns and has misrepresented his relationship with Bain Capital after 1999.  The second issue is  the tactics used by Bain as they acquired companies and systematically dismantled many of the same companies to their own benefit.   The questions I am left with are:  How can we trust someone to lead our country who has misrepresented himself.  Why should we trust someone who refused to share comprehensive documentation of his income?  Finally how can this individual possibly understand and improve the lives of the middle class American?  Rain over at Rainy Day Thoughts sums up the issues.  In any event it will certainly be an interesting political season.

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