Thursday, July 19, 2012

Simple Woman's Daybook

Outside my window...the heat wave has broken!  Rain falls softly and the air is comfortable and crisp.  

I am thinking...that I would love it if every day could feel like today.  

I am thankful for...finally completing the refinance that we have been working on and preparing for over the last several months!  

From the kitchen... plans....
                   Wednesday:  Grilled marinated steak tips and rice pilaf
                   Thursday:  Home made Italian Subs
                   Friday:   Rolled spicy chicken calzone, salad
                   Saturday:  Grandpa's Pasta Salad
                   Sunday: Chicken fajitas
                   Monday:  Breakfast for supper
                   Tuesday:  Fresh Corn and Blueberry Salad with grilled shrimp

I am pj's 

I am for my friend M, every day!

I am take N to the doctors today to have his foot looked at as he has had a bump (think size of half dollar and bruise colored) on the top of his foot for a couple of months and it has us both worried.  

I am wondering... what it will be like not  to worry about finances for a while!  

I am reading...finally I picked up The Son of Neptune again.  It is a great book.    

I am hearing...the sound the television; usually I turn off the tv at 9am but I wanted to hear what Jennifer Hudson has to say on Rachel.   

I am hoping...that the doctors will know what is up with N's foot.  

I am looking forward to...going to the movies with my friend C and her daughter.  Should be fun to go see a grown up girl movie!  

I am learning... to let things go.  

Around the house...I have to get outside and get to work!

A favorite quote for today...

"Life tucks its rarest, largest, and most D-flawless diamonds deep, deep inside the folds of the greatest loss. You do not know they are even there, glittering in the dark, right beside you."
~Augusten Burroughs

One of my favorite things my first cup of steaming hot coffee especially on a comfortably cool day like today!

A few plans for the rest of the week: doctors office, working in the yard, nightly walks with R, playing Mindcraft (my new guilty pleasure) 

A photo I'm sharing:

When they were young....



Liz Thomas said...

We are too much a like! We are in the process of refinancing ourselves. Work at the Bank and just hate the whole process. = Stress. I'll be glad when it's done. I hope N's bruise/lump is not serious. That's a little concerning especially since he has had it for a while. Please keep us posted! And yes work on letting things go! Took me a number of years but now I do and I am so much happier and carefree because of it!

Barbara said...

I know Liz. I'm amazed at how much we have in common. I've posted an update on N. He is fine thank God! It was a worry. Thanks for the encouragement on letting things go... I'm getting better but not all the way there yet. Take care!

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