Saturday, January 22, 2011

Time at 40 M...

During our time over at 40 M today we met with the electrician. He was running late and I was a little annoyed. In my mind I was thinking that his tardiness could be telling of his work ethic etc,. etc. Anyway he finally arrived and walked into the home. One look at him changed my mind. He has my Dad's eyes and nose! So strange. I was transfixed! I couldn't stop looking at his eyes. Finally as the meeting went on we were talking about liability and I looked at him and told him that I wasn't worried because he has my fathers eyes! He looked at me quizzically and of coarse I started to cry. R explained and our new electrician gave me a hug. Turns out he and his wife have both lost their Dad's in the past two years and she just lost her Mom in the last month. Isn't it interesting how people come into your life. Anyway, R will be picking up the materials for the electrical work to begin and Jm will be starting next week. We are on our way!

For a more in depth update on this weeks progress jump right over to The House That Built Me.


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