Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook Week 4

Outside my window...I see the dawn breaking. 

I am thinking...that  it would be nice if the snow forecasted for this afternoon and tonight actually ended up giving us a snow day.  Unless a snow day is involved I'm all set with the snow!

I am thankful and friends and a good life.

From the kitchen...I have plans to make a lemon ricotta cake for a coworkers birthday celebration at work tomorrow.  If we happen to have a snow day I'll pop the cake into the freezer until next Tuesday.  She was hoping for strawberry shortcake but this is not the season for such things.  I hope she'll like the lemon cake.  

I am wearing...many layers!  It has been very cold here during the last week and my classroom at school  yesterday was very chilly!  So I have cozy corduroys in gray, a black turtleneck, a black knit open front sweater and my black vest.  For a pop of color I have a teal wool scarf around my neck.  I hope I'll be warm enough.

I am creating...a new photo journal.  I've posted my first pages already and am going to work on my next page.  If tomorrow is a snow day I'll get a lot done.  I plan on collaging on the page first and then using some of n's writing and pictures of both of my children.  I am also making melted wax prints to use on cards for a parent at school.  She complimented me on the cards I gave the directors last year so I thought a set of cards would be a great thank you gift.  She did an enormous amount of work for our school before the licenser came to observe us last week.  I hope she enjoys the cards. 

I am finally cut the pineapple that has been sitting in my kitchen for several days.  I hope it is ok.

I am professional development.  It is interesting and will provide me with all the hours I need.  

I am hoping...that the windows are delivered today over at 40 M.  We received another call last night from the delivery company.  Not sure what that was all about.  We'll see what happens.  

I am hearing...the drone of Sponge Bob on TV and the click, click, click of my keyboard. 

Around the house...I see much work to be done.  There never seems to be enough time to keep things as tidy as I'd like.  

One of my favorite to relax and spend time in my home.  

A few plans for the rest of the week:  baking, creating, ironing, cleaning.S

Here are two pictures I am sharing..

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