Saturday, January 15, 2011

Photo Log SAS

So I found an exciting new photo project that should keep me busy.  The Dizzy Pixie is starting a photo log project called Secrets About Secrets and she explains her reasoning here.
The basic premise is that we all take photos and for the most part those photos stay tucked away in a computer file or desk drawer.  This project is meant to bring our secret photos out in the open for all who might be interested to see.  To participate I'll be following the directions below.  I'm going to make a commitment to work on this project throughout the next year.  Hopefully I'll be able to keep up with once a week.  In any case that is my intention.

So...What am I actually doing?
1.Taking photos every week and picking 1 (or more) to print out. (These photos will be a combo of iPhone-ography, digital, analog, and instant.)
2. Attaching said photos to my Moleskine Foto-Log.
3. Writing about these photos...pen to paper!
4. Scanning (or photographing) these Foto-Log entries to share with you here.

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