Friday, January 7, 2011

Anger Issues...

I'm feeling really angry today.  No other way to say it than saying it like it is.  Not sure I can write about it or if I even want to.  I'm hoping to spend some time exercising with C this morning and maybe after talking some things out with her I'll feel better.  Some information came my way and I'm not upset with how it came to me just the information itself.  It is another validation of my previous post really.  I am going to try to breathe through this, sit in the emotion long enough to feel it and not stuff it down and then I'm hoping I can let it go.  I have to switch my focus off of all of this and what it brings up in my mind and body and focus on the here and now.  I wonder if I am unique in the fact that I find this so difficult.  Why am I continually brought back to this place?  I must either have to learn something about myself or the situation or I'm doing something wrong.  I'm not really sure.

Well that is all on that subject.  I'm going to also work on my other blog quite a bit this weekend.  I'd like to bring it out of the past and up to the here and now.  We've come upon another stumbling block over at 40 M.  It's not something that took me by surprise but R was feeling a bit defeated by it last night.  We have to re sheeth the entire house.  Back in the day they used gypsum board evidently and that won't fly today.  Cha ching......$$$$$$$$  Not too expensive, but it will delay the timeline we thought was on track if not ahead of schedule and add a bit of an expense to the budget.


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