Sunday, January 2, 2011

Productive and Creative!

I love when a day is both productive and creative.  Today was just such a day!  In the morning R and I headed out to our local Home Depot to look for a window for the kitchen over at 40 M.  Unfortunately we were unable to find something off the shelf.  There is a possibility that we can have the sliding window we want in a week.  We'll know on Tuesday.  We have been dealing with one individual in the window department.  He was very helpful when we ordered the other windows for the first floor as well as the sliding glass doors.  Having a 'go to' guy that recognizes us is helpful.  We also went and spoke with a designer in the kitchen department.  We had a basic design and she is going to do it up with cabinetry, flooring, counters etc.  I think she'll even be able to get us quotes on appliances.  She had some great insights so I'm looking forward to seeing what she comes up with in her design.  That will most likely take a week.   After our Home Depot visit we headed over to Walmart to get our supplies.  We have not done a big shopping there in about three weeks and it was evident in our final tally.  At least we have plenty of supplies and basic snacks and drinks to get us through the week.

For the afternoon R watched football, N spent time with his buddy up the street and n and I went off on an artistic endeavor.  We spent the afternoon painting bisque pottery at Clay Chick.  It was so relaxing and fun.  We had the studio to ourselves for quite some time and it was enjoyable chatting with the owner.  A local shop owners children came in for a visit and they were quite friendly.  Not long after n and I decided to paint a second piece a family I know from school arrived.  It was a bit uncomfortable as the Mom walked by me several times without looking at my face.  Her youngest child noticed me and even gave me a little wave.  It was weird.  I could have stood up and said hello as soon as they came in but it didn't seem right.  Finally she looked right at me and I smiled at her and she said hello.  Then she proceeded to ask if I had been sitting there the entire time.  Nothing like feeling invisible.  That aside we had a wonderful time painting and relaxing together.  I can't wait to pick up our fired pieces.  I may even go in again tomorrow and paint the other two trees I liked.  We'll see.

Hoping you had an enjoyable Sunday.


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