Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Simple Woman's Daybook Week 1

Outside my window...I see the darkness of a cold winter's morning.  It feels like the middle of the night even though it is 6:45 am! 

I am thinking...that I wish I were in the financial situation where I could stay home and spend my days taking care of my home, family and myself.  I enjoy my work but I am missing the at home time I enjoyed over vacation.l

I am thankful for...the life I live.  Even though I'd prefer to be home; I work with wonderful women in a lovely school.  I have beautiful children who are interesting and fun to be around(for the most part).  I have a supportive husband who is driven to do the best for his family.   

From the kitchen...I hear Fluffy drinking out of his water bowl.  Silly cat woke me up at 5am today to have his bowl filled!  I'll have to remember to fill it before bed tonight.  I need all the sleep I can muster!  Tonight will be leftover night....homemade rotisserie chicken pie or baked stuffed pork chops.  

I am wearing...half of my outfit for school.  I have on a cream colored sweater and spruce green vest with my purple pj bottoms.  I wait until the last minute to put on my pants, unless they are corduroys as I detest wrinkles.   

I am creating...a plan for my artistic endeavors.  Over at Dragonfly Reflections I saw an idea for creating a monthly calendar that I would like to incorporate into my life.  The calendar itself is an art piece that you can use to record simple things in your life.  I think I'd like to use it to record the ways I remember to take care of myself each day.  I'll need to gather materials.  Ocean State Job lot has large art notebooks that would work for this purpose.  I'll have to stop by and pick a couple up.  I've also spent time painting at the local pottery shop.  Oh such fun!  I'll be picking up my pieces on Thursday after school.  I'll be sure to share some pictures for your viewing pleasure. t

I am going to...begin this new year with an exercise plan.  I am excited to work out with my friend C on Fridays.  If only I could get into a daily routine here at home.  At least our eating habits are going back to normal.  Eat less move more, eat less move more, eat less move works I just have to recommit!

I am reading...the next  Guardians of Ga'Hoole book!  It took me a long time to finish The Seige but I am happy that I stuck with it and am now moving onto the next piece of the story.  N is just starting a new book at school with his literature circle.  I'd love to be reading along with him but he only has his school copy.  His new book is The Graveyard Book.   

I am hoping...that I won't be too tired today.  Getting back into the routine is a challenge.  I was definitely spoiled with two weeks off for Christmas vacation.  

I am hearing...sounds of large vehicles drive down our street,  fuel trucks most likely.  I also hear the remnants of the wind from the blizzard conditions we had yesterday and the day before.  n's computer is quietly playing in the background.  Mostly though it is quiet except for the tap, tap tapping of the keyboard.  I love that sound.

Around the house...I see more open space now that our  Christmas tree has come down.  Usually I insist on having it up until little Christmas, but R really wanted to put the tree away so I agreed as long as I could keep the mantle decorated for a bit longer.  Now I just have to organize, wrap and put away all the tree ornaments.  

One of my favorite quietly enjoying my very first cup of coffee of the day.  It always tastes so good and warms me from the inside out!  I love that!

A few plans for the rest of the week: work on putting away the ornaments, pick up the pottery and chowdah for dinner on Thursday, exercising with C on Friday and preparing for the storm that will be rolling in Friday night through Saturday. 

Here is picture I am sharing..

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Anonymous said...

I know what you mean about returning to work. I was off for two weeks and work is NOT where my head is at all!

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