Sunday, January 9, 2011

So Many Posts....

Well yesterday I spent a long time sorting through my thoughts and photos in order to document the process over at 40 M.  I like how the posts turned out over at Restoring The House That Built Me.
I wish that all the posts would show up on the front page.  I went into the settings and changed the number of posts that would be shown on the main page but it doesn't seem to have taken effect.  I guess folks will just have to click on the 'older posts' link to see more.  I think it makes sense to start with the first post and work from there but that is just me.

There is a layer of snow on the ground this morning.  It looks like someone shook powdered sugar all over us!  Very pretty and just enough to enjoy and not worry about lasting for too long.  Lot's to do today:  laundry, organizing and putting away the remainder of the Christmas decorations, baking bread, making treats for the week and working on some artsy things(photos to come).

Hope everyone has a peaceful Sunday!


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