Thursday, January 20, 2011

Check It Off The List

Well we made it though the licensor's visit.  Thank goodness that is over!  Surprisingly she didn't stay the entire day.  I think she wanted to check us off the list too.  She visited in our class for a very short amount of time.  Our class is small in size so perhaps that is why she didn't stay long.  During the brief time she observed us the children were very settled and engaged in their play.  She did look around the room and opened up the drawers by the sink.   She noticed our curriculum on the bulletin board and seemed to enjoy observing the students.  It was a relief when she left our room and then left the building before lunch time.

On another subject we were expecting the windows to be delivered to 40 M today but there was a problem.  It seemed that our windows were packed in the truck behind an 80 piece order that had been cancelled.  So the truck showed up at the house but they couldn't get our windows out from behind the other order!  Crazy is all I can say.  J our main man told R that they weren't delivered for a reason.  (everything happens for a reason philosophy)  So hopefully they will come on Saturday.  We'll see what happens.  I'll post another update on the other blog over the weekend.

Well another storm is bearing down on us tonight into tomorrow.  I think we should get about 6" out of this storm.  Maybe a snow day?


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