Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh My Beautiful Tree

We had a decent sized storm roll through last night and it dumped a good 7 inches of very wet snow on top of an icy undercoat.  The electricity went off sporadically last night and sometime in the wee hours of the morning I heard a loud cracking sound.  In my sleep induced haze I thought it was snow sliding off of the roof.  After sleeping in due to a snow day I awoke to the news that my favorite tree had succumbed to the weight of the heavy wet snow.  We actually had damage to several trees on the property but the worse was to the beautiful maple that has stood next to our driveway for the last 19 years!  I feel so sad to see it so damaged. I'm hoping that it will pull through this damage and that we might see some regrowth, but I am unsure.

Beautiful Maple

Devastating Break

Cracked Limb

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Anonymous said...

So sad - the snow is beautiful, but I hate that it so often takes the loveliest old trees. We've lost three trees over the last five years to snow and ice! The good news is, we got to plant new baby trees this past fall - so that helped a little.

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