Friday, January 28, 2011

Kitchen Design 101

The kitchen design for 40 M is driving me crazy!  I never realized how complicated and difficult it would be to create a kitchen from scratch!  I've never done this before so maybe my lack of experience is contributing to the difficulties. When we bought our home the kitchen design was in place or at least we didn't have much say in the design other than style of cabinets.   We have had so many options thrown at us with the 40 M project that my head is spinning.  My latest idea is to move the fridge over into the eat in section of the kitchen and enclose it with a wall.  This will free up counter space and enable the dishwasher to be placed next to the sink.  It will also allow for additional upper and lower cabinets. Looking at the photos below we would be eliminating the thin cabinets directly to the right of the door and then moving the fridge and upper cabinet to the right end of that wall.  I think we would enclose the fridge in a wall and create a vestibule type space as you enter into the kitchen.  We'd move the sink back under the window put upper cabinets to the left of the window and the dishwasher to the left of the sink.  Rather than having a large island I think we'll create a breakfast bar coming out of the wall near the oven.  We are going to draw it out in chalk over at the house tomorrow.  We'll see what happens.  I have a meeting with our designer scheduled for Monday at noon.  Hopefully we will finalize the design and move forward.



Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

We started to redesign our kitchen and grew frustrated when the designer we hired told us that our kitchen was so small that she couldn't fit a pantry closet into the redesign. So we did nothing. We were supposed to start again this month. But we did nothing. I feel your pain!!

Barbara said...

Thanks Loretta. It is the most frustrating experience. I thought that it wouldn't be so difficult to design a kitchen that isn't in my primary home but boy was I wrong. Today my daughter and I created craft paper templates for various parts of the kitchen. We will be taping them in place over at the house tomorrow and I'll take pics to post. Fingers crossed that it will be helpful. I hope you find some inspiration and begin again with your design. Good luck.


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