Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Ok so I don't usually share stories about school.  Privacy and all that to consider...but today two things happened at school that are just toooo funny not to share so here goes:

So this morning we were working on an art project at the table.  All the children were expected to come to the table to add yarn to their paper mache masks.  A few of the children don't love coming to the table so they typically come over towards the end of the morning.  Well on of these children sat down across from me and proceeded to clump the remaining yarn into a large ball.  No big deal I was helping a different child sitting to my left at the moment.  As the child was molding the yarn I  heard him say "This is bullsh*t".  I looked up at him and said "I'm sorry what did you say J?"  He looked right at me and I could tell from his expression that he knew I heard what he said.  His reply was "Meatball, I'm making a meatball."  You could have knocked me over with a feather.  We went on with the project and J added the yarn to his mask.

This afternoon there was another funny episode.   Keep in mind that the afternoon class is a very young group of children.   We spend the beginning of the day playing outside.  One of the toys that the children enjoy is a large, red wooden truck.  It is constructed of planks of wood that have spaces in between.(important detail for later in this story)  Well this one boy N especially enjoys the truck.  So he was sitting on the truck with another student and he showed me his hand.  In his palm was a small bit of brown material that looked like a misshapen acorn or a large chocolate chip.  My initial thought was candy from Halloween.  So I look at this child and ask him 'What do you have there?"  Sometimes this  child doesn't talk and in this instance he pointed to the truck.  I continued trying to coax the information out of this student.  At some point I asked "Where did you find that?"  Again this student pointed behind him ant then said 'the crack'.  To which I replied "Oh the crack in the truck?", expecting the child to say yes or nod.  He didn't do either, what he did do next was both surprising and disturbing at once.   He pointed toward his backside and repeated the word crack.  Ewwwww!!!  I remained calm and asked "From you pants?"  He smiled at me and nodded his head.   So at this point I instructed him to throw whatever was in his hand over the fence.  I probably should have investigated more carefully but, honestly I don't get paid enough to investigate such things.  We went inside after this incident and my little friend went to the bathroom and washed his hands.  I'm not sure I'll ever get over the sight of that little nugget in the palm of that little child's  hand.

So these stories sum up what my days are like.  These are a bit to the extreme but they give you some insight, don't you think?  I guess this is why my children ask if I have any good school stories each day when I get home.



Nadja said...

"I probably should have investigated more carefully but, honestly I don't get paid enough to investigate such things."

That made me laugh. When it's my own kid, it comes with the territory, but when it's someone else's, I don't think there would ever be such a thing as "enough".

Anonymous said...

Sounds deep breathing is MUCH needed. Such a challenging environment!

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