Sunday, November 28, 2010

27 Days and Counting

Well the countdown begins!  Yesterday n informed me that we had 28 days until Christmas.  So now we are at 27 and counting.  I am happy to say that I feel much more settled about the holiday than I thought I would.  We are going to gradually decorate the house for the holidays.  One of the benefits of having an artificial tree is that we can put it up whenever we want and not worry about a fire. That was always a worry for me with live trees no matter how vigilant I was about keeping the tree watered.   We are planning to put the tree up next weekend.  Today n went to a friend's house and we were inspired by their beautiful holiday decorations.  We brought up a few boxes, unloaded them and then put them on display.  We then quickly put the boxes away.  Cleaning as we go keeps the clutter and messiness of the process at bay.  So we have decorated the top of the television armoire with the white ceramic tree and nativity set.  We have also displayed our collection of snow people on kosher salt in a large, square glass vase.  The display is rounded off with white and green candles and natural elements including an ivy plant, a beautiful rounded gray beach rock and a bumpy weathered piece of drift wood.  I love that this display is similar to last year but switched up just enough to make it fresh.  We also switched out the large paintings in the kitchen to the red white and green paintings.  n thought the paintings were not 'Christmasy' enough.  I think they look beautifully vintage Christmas.  We've hung up both of our holiday grapevine wreaths and the various holiday hangings including the Santa Sleigh that Dad made for us years and years ago.  I'll take photos tomorrow in the day light and do my best to post.

I hope you are all excited about the upcoming holidays.


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