Friday, November 19, 2010

More Good News!

I can hardly believe that we have more good news!  Today we were given an estimate on replacing the septic at Dad's and turns out that the cost is going to be a couple thousand less than what we budgeted for as we began this entire process.  We'll be getting the paperwork tomorrow.  Our septic guy has already pulled his permit so we'll be able to have the health dept sign off on our building permit and on Tuesday or Wednesday we'll go to town hall and pull our building permit!  I can't believe it!  I am knocking on wood as we speak.

On another note, even as I feel celebratory about the positive developments with the renovation process the reality of what was going on during this month last year is always just under the surface.  A month or so ago I went back and re read many of the posts I shared last year during the process of my Dad's illness and death.  I feel like I should go back and look at it again as this month proceeds but on the other hand, selfishly I want to put some distance between myself and that experience.  With the upcoming holidays I am also feeling very nostalgic.  Honestly we had not spent a holiday together since the year after my Mum's death in 2001.  Dad never wanted to venture out of his home so we would bring him a meal in the late afternoon of virtually every holiday.  It will be very odd not fixing him a Thanksgiving plate this year.  I am going to do my best to enjoy Thanksgiving without feeling guilty that I am enjoying Thanksgiving.  Do you know what I mean?


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