Friday, November 12, 2010

Note to self.....

Next time the ob/gyn nurse asks if it is ok for the PA intern to accompany the midwife for my yearly exam say NO!!!!

It was like a scene from the old show "It's Your Life..."  only the medical version....  We went through all of my medical history(that they already have on record).  I felt like I was being quizzed!  The young woman was very sweet.  A newlywed I found out and all of about 10... no,  not really 25 at best!  So the quiz continued on for at least fifteen minutes as I sat on the paper covered table in a gown that was clearly made for a petite person, which I am not!  So I'm trying to hold it together, my gown that is without appearing to be nervous or prudish.  All the while my feet are freezing and the rest of me is sweating from the general uncomfortable feelings that these appointments bring out in the best of us.  So once she finished her questions she left informing me that she would be returning with Maureen the midwife for the exam.  So as  I waited I tried to air myself out and cool down in order to diminish the  embarrassment of sticking to the paper covering the exam table.   In they come and might I say both looking quite put together and lovely.  They could at least cover up with a white doctor's coat.   Seeing another woman looking good when your waiting to get your pap on just doesn't help for some reason.  Anyway  the intern gets to actually perform the exam!  With cold hands and unsure of how to keep the draping gown in place to preserve at least some of my modesty she starts from the top down.   Clearly as cute and nice as she was she needs more practice.  Let's not even talk about how she managed the instruments.... I'll just say that she doesn't quite have a handle on it yet!  Yikes!

Well at least it's over with for another year.  Hopefully all is well.  I'll be looking for my little post card in the upcoming weeks.

Oh and next year I'll remember to just say no.


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