Monday, November 15, 2010

For Just A Minute....

Today after the appraiser left my house; for just a split second I allowed myself to go there.  Where?  you ask.  Well to the place where everything  works out just the way I always hoped it would.  I could picture our loan going through and 40 Mayflower completely finished.  In my minds eye it was all new and sparkly.  Three bedrooms, two full baths, a spacious eat in kitchen,  built in closets, a beautiful, functional laundry room,  a clean  modern utility room, two fireplaced living rooms and beautiful new decks.  There will be glorious ocean views from both living rooms, the kitchen and two of the bedrooms.  The yard will be meticulous.  Green grass mowed just right with beach grasses and other native plants in beds throughout the yard.  The interior will be done in a calm, restful, beachy, cottage style.  Think soft shades of seaglass and beach sand.   Oh I can't wait for everything to work out just the way I always hoped it would.


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