Thursday, November 1, 2012

NaBloPoMo November

Well it is back once again!  The month of November.  I love the month of November for so many reasons not the least of which is that it is National Blog Posting Month.  This is the time when I always feel motivated to write each day.  I feel reinvigorated as much by the promise I make to myself to write each and every day as the cool crisp weather.  The wonderful folks over at Blogher have posted a list of daily writing prompts.  I find prompts both enjoyable and challenging.  It is good to flex my creative writing muscle in a different way.  To add to the challenge, I plan on creating a post for each prompt on top of my regular daily posts.  So most days I will be trying to share two posts.  I am so excited to begin.  Oh and to make things even more interesting I'll be hopping on and of of my husband's and/or my children's computers as my laptop cord finally bit the dust and I'll have to wait a bit before investing $50.00 smackers on a new cord.   I hope some of my bloggy friends and real world friends (C!!!) will join in on this great opportunity.  It does not have to be public you could even respond on your own in a paper journal.  What do you think?

Let the fun begin!



Alicia said...

Oh, fine! I'm in! Even though I just finished a month of mostly haiku-ing every day. I'm in!

Barbara said...

I was hoping you would join in! Writing haiku every day is very impressive. Loved seeing your work. I'm not much of a poet... although I did see that April is poetry month over at blogher. Might have to stretch my muscles a bit and jump out of my box.

Happy writing my friend!


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