Saturday, November 22, 2008

Thoughts of Sugar Plums

I can hardly believe that we are about to celebrate Thanksgiving and then soon after Christmas. It feels like we just started school.

Today I've been thinking about gift giving, particularly gifts for teachers. I enjoy creating something special that shows my appreciation to not only my children's teachers but also to those teacher with whom I work. I prefer giving something hand made. This year the children have different ideas about what they would like to give their teachers. 'n' is on board for the handmade ornaments and hot cocoa and treats that we enjoy giving yet 'N' is not. 'N' prefers not to give of himself so to speak unless he feels very close to his teacher. So we've come to a compromise. 'n' will go the handmade route and 'N' will choose an appropriate gift card that is less personal but still a gift.

I'm hoping to find a new hand made ornament to create with 'n'. If you have any good ideas please drop me a line!



J at said...

How old are your kids? My daughter's in middle school, so I'm wondering what to do about that. The gifts seem like they're different now, since there are 5 teachers rather than 1 or 2. So I'm wondering, how old are they? Do you still do gifts in middle school?

Barbara said...

Thanks for your comment J! My children are in 2nd and 4th grades. They each have one main teacher but there are collaborating teachers who work in their classrooms each day. This year it is the same teacher but I am unsure if I want to extend gifts beyond the classroom teacher. I can guarantee that my eldest will not want to, so I'm thinking about it before having that discussion. Next year he will be in middle school like your daughter and will also have several teachers. I like the idea of sharing my appreciation for what the teachers do but five gifts is a bit much. Perhaps a donation in all the teachers names to a special charity or to the school itself might be a good idea.

J at said...

Barbara, that's what we do! We donate money to our local Child Abuse Prevention agency, and give the teachers cards telling them. I had forgotten, but actually, we've been doing that since Maya was in first or second grade.

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