Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Nanny's Bread

Today the children had a half day of school. I had the day off so I put my time to good use. After dropping off the children at school I went grocery shopping for all of our Thanksgiving supplies. I had intended to make it a quick trip but I ran into a mom from 'n's Kindergarten class. She is a lovely woman and we spent at least 20 minutes catching up as we searched for artichokes. It seems we are both making hot artichoke dips tomorrow. Anyway as I was shopping I made sure to get the ingredients to make the homemade bread that was made each year in my childhood home by my mother.

We always called the bread 'Nanny's Bread' after my grandmother.As a child I would help my mother as she lovingly worked up the bread recipe. She used a pan that belonged to her mother to prepare the milk and butter and a large metal stock pot to mix and rise the bread. Now I use my mother's metal stock pot and bread tins to make 'Nanny's Bread' .
The process always makes me feel close to my Mum. Today memories rushed back to me as I worked up her recipe.

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Judy said...

MMMMMMMMM: sounds good! You clearly love traditions as much as I do!


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