Sunday, November 9, 2008

Family Fun!

So my new goal is to make sure we complete at least one family fun activity every weekend. For a long time we have not made this a priority, not because it isn't important but after a busy week of school, work and other responsibilities we are all just tired. No excuse, I know! My eldest child also prefers just to be home visiting and playing with his neighbor friend. My youngest just likes to be with us or have friends over. So when we suggest a family outing it is met with some resistance. Sigh! I think I have found the trick. Yesterday both kids played with friends until 3:30 and then we went out for a night of family bowling and an early dinner.

So bowling turned out to be loads of fun! We decided to use the bumper lanes after our last bowling adventure that turned out to be frustrating for all of the family. We played girls against the boys and the prize was choice of dinner restaurant. We are all equally talented or not talented in the bowling arena so the match up was even enough. Well the boys won and the decision was that we would go to Red Robin.

But when we got there the line was way too long! So we decided to go to our local 99 Restaurant.

We ended up waiting for ten minutes and then we were seated. We all had some yummy food. It was a great end to our family adventure.

Hey if you have any good Family Fun ideas in the greater New England Area please leave me a message!


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