Monday, November 3, 2008

Election Eve!

Well I think this might be the most important presidential election that I have lived through. I can say with certainty that I am more concerned about the outcome of this race than any other race in which I have voted. I believe that Sen. Obama will be the catalyst for change that we need. I have come to realize that as passionate as I am about Sen Obama that there are people who are equally passionate about Sen McCain. It amazes me that our country can be so divided. I just hope that people will vote on the issues.

In 'n' s second grade classroom they conducted a vote. McCain won. He actually took the entire grade. I was truly surprised. Certainly this means that there are more pro McCain families in the second grade families. I just asked 'n' why people were voting for McCain and she thought it was because the kids thought that Obama didn't like America and that he smoked. Very interesting.

I'm also very interested in our state election, in particular Question 1. I'm hoping for a strong NO vote. Well by this time tomorrow we will be preparing to watch as the polls close. I hope that our country and commonwealth do what is best for all citizens. We shall see.



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