Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Good Things...

I've learned that life is full of surprises and challenges.  No matter what road you travel there will always be something to slow you down, make you work hard and reflect on what is truly important.  Everyone's burdens are different, unique to each situation and stage of life.  Sometimes I think of the burdens I know others carry and I realize that my burdens are not so bad.  It doesn't make me feel better, it just puts everything into perspective.

I have also learned that as we go through our lives we must grab the opportunities that come our way that will bring us some level of happiness.  Some days that might mean just sitting and relaxing with a good book.  It could mean spending an afternoon with a friend or walking a deserted beach.  Often for me it is time spent behind the lens, on my deck or with my children, husband and friends.

This week I took the time to go and visit with my friend C at her house.  We were planning on seeing each other but plans needed to be flexible.  Rather than walking together,  I threw on my bathing suit and headed over to her house.  For the first time this summer my suit saw water in her pool!  It was glorious!  We chatted.  I floated.  Her family came home and we bantered back and forth.  I floated.  It was pure bliss!  Talking and floating....what is better than that.  I was in the water for almost two hours.  When I stepped out I was so relaxed.  Honestly I have not felt that relaxed in a very long time.  We've made a tentative date to float together next week.  It is these moments that I cherish.



Anonymous said...

you are truely my bffl and I am so glad you could float and relax in my presence. mi casa is su casa. i love ya barb

and yes sometimes it is just the simple things in life that can change our whole perspective

Barbara said...

Love you too my friend!

Gofathercm said...

Every summer needs at least one pool floating day. I miss having a pool on sweaty August days, but glad you found a friend with one!

Loretta a/k/a Mrs. Pom said...

Floating in a pool is a lovely way to spend a day. Every summer needs as many pool floating days as possible!

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