Friday, August 10, 2012

Things That Make You Go Hmmmmmmm

So we have had renters over at 40 M since January.  I think we have been great landlords.  Anything that has come up we have gone right over to check on and rectify.  The latest issue is a little water in the basement.  A couple of months ago there was a problem but we thought we rectified it by sealing the window.  Everything was fine for a while but then we had a heavy rain and again there was water in the bedroom.  When I went over to investigate it turned out that the extension to the downspout was directed at the foundation rather than away from the house.

Water directed toward the house
Water directed away from the house
I'm guessing this contributed to the water issue.  In any event we are going to rectify the situation by excavating around the foundation and having a company come to professionally seal the foundation.  After this is completed we will create a downspout drainage pipe system to divert the water away from the house and to the lowest point in the yard.  Finally we will replace carpet and wallboard where necessary.  The entire thing is going to be a huge process but we will persevere and get it done.

On to what is making me go hmmmmmm.  R and I went over to the house in order to check the downspouts as we are getting rain.  we redirected them and used some pvc piping in order to divert the water from the wet corner of the house.  While we were there we discovered a pile of broken wood behind the shed placed there by the tenant.  We also discovered that the tenant for some reason screwed into the berm of the brand new driveway.  To make matters worse they also spilled paint and damaged the surface of the driveway with the camper that they had parked there!  How frustrating is that?  R has been talking about how much he wants the house back.  Now I have to say I'm starting to feel the same way.  I would never damage something that didn't belong to me or leave trash on site!  Things to remember when we write the next lease!  Live and learn.


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