Sunday, August 5, 2012


Well it was a great 12th birthday party for n this weekend.  Four friends came and spent the night.  There was loud music,  pizza, cake and ice cream, running around outside,  twister in the dark, helium balloons, dancing, movies and a late night of talking till the wee hours.  All the excitement brought back fond memories from my childhood...

The birthday weekend continues tomorrow!  It is the actual day so we'll do something special; bowling, lunch maybe paint your own pottery.  It will be fun.  It is so hard to believe that twelve years have gone by so fast.  I'd like the next twelve to take their time, please.  



Judy said...

Seriously - the next twelve will fly by even faster!
What a beautiful young lady she is! She looks lots older than twelve!

I tried to email you just now, using your hotmail address, but it bounced back. Please email me, so that I can give you more info on the fern printing.

Happy Day to R!


Liz said...

Barb seriously I have that same dining room table! How shocking!

Barbara said...

Liz, are you kidding? We are like two peas in a pod!

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