Saturday, August 11, 2012


Well I'm glued to the television this morning watching the coverage of the unveiling of Romney's running mate.  I should turn it off and get started on my 'to do' list but I'm drawn to the coverage like a moth to the flame!  It seems that not only is Romney unveiling Ryan but also his new message targeted at the middle class.  His new rallying cry is the comback team for the middle class...more jobs and greater take home pay.  I wonder if he thinks that the trickle down economy plan he seems to subscribe to will achieve this goal?  It also seems that Romney is going to be adopting Ryan's budget plan that includes significant changes and cuts to entitlement programs.  I don't see how this is going to improve things for the middle class.  The reporting indicates that the Romney/Ryan economic plan also includes tax cuts.  My question is who will benefit from the tax cuts?

Now I'm listening to the Republican governor of Virginia speak and he just misrepresented a quote from President Obama.  Here we go!  I can feel my blood pressure going up already.  The GOP rhetoric makes me sick to my stomach.



Alicia said...

I'm hoping Romney's choice is a good thing for his opposition.

Barbara said...

Oh Alicia, I hope you are right. I'm listening to Romney right now and his words do not mesh with Ryan's economic plan. He makes my skin crawl!

Barbara said...

The fact that he characterized him as a faithful Catholic who believes that every life is precious makes me worry about women's choice in their own healthcare.

Judy said...

They're a bunch of thugs!

Glad we're on the same team.


Barbara said...

Oh Judy, I'm so thankful were on the same team too! You never know and that makes talking politics a little unnerving.


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